A New, Authentic Collection of Captain Cook's Voyages Round the World: Undertaken by Order of His Present Majesty for Making New Discoveries, &c. &c

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R. Martin, 1790 - 628 trang
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Trang 384 - Four or five of this band had pieces of large bamboo, from three to five or six feet long...
Trang 360 - They were afraid to come near the cows and horses ; nor did they form the least conception of their nature. But the sheep and goats did not surpass the limits of their ideas ; for they gave us to understand that they knew them to be birds. It will appear...
Trang 563 - ... he knew, that by delaying his return to a warmer climate, he was giving up the only chance that remained for his recovery, yet, careful and jealous to the last degree that a regard to his own situation should never bias his judgment to the prejudice of the service, he persevered in the search of a passage till it was the opinion of every officer in both ships that it was impracticable, and that any farther attempts would not only be fruitless but dangerous.
Trang 489 - For, on our telling him we should leave the island on the next day but one, we observed, that a sort of proclamation was immediately made through the villages, to require the people to bring, in their hogs, and vegetables, for the king to present to the Orono on his departure.
Trang 468 - This consists chiefly of skins, and is, perhaps, the best they could have. The upper garment is made like our waggoner's frock, and reaches as low as the knee. Besides this, they wear a waistcoat or two, a pair of breeches, a fur...
Trang 496 - Kanee-kabareea, the mother of the boys, and one of the king's favourite wives, came after him, and, with many tears and entreaties, besought him not to go on board.
Trang 475 - I myself, and the officers, continued to make use of the sugar-cane beer whenever we could get materials for brewing it. A few hops, of which we had some on board, improved it much. It has the taste of new malt beer; and I believe no one will doubt of its being very wholesome.
Trang 365 - Mr Burney happening to come to the place where I was, I mentioned my suspicions to him ; and, to put it to the test whether they were well founded, we attempted to get to the beach. But we were stopped when about half way by...
Trang 385 - ... their fingers, repeating some words in conjunction with the chorus. Toward the end, as the quickness of the music increased, their gestures and attitudes were varied with wonderful vigour and dexterity ; and some of their motions, perhaps, would, with us, be reckoned rather indecent.
Trang 65 - Before thefe had reached the fhip, another canoe, larger than any that had yet been feen, full of armed Indians came off, and made towards the Endeavour with great expedition. The Captain now judging it expedient to prevent, if...

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