The New Annual Register, Or General Repository of History, Politics, and Literature, for the Year ...

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G. Robinson, Pater-noster-Row, 1798
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Trang 239 - That the term should be one month from the Channel and the North Seas as far as the Canary Islands Inclusively, whether in the Ocean or in the Mediterranean. Two months from the said Canary Islands as far as the Equinoctial Line or Equator ; and lastly, Five months in all other Parts of the World, without any Exception, or any other more particular description of Time or Place.
Trang 117 - But these men, it may be said, were only deep thinkers, and lived in their closets, unaccustomed to the traffic of the world, and to the laws which practically regulate mankind.
Trang 117 - Lost, the rest from his finished labours, and the ultimate hope, expectation, and glory of the world. A Virgin is his Mother, but his Sire, The power of the Most High ; — he shall ascend The throne hereditary, and bound his reign With earth's wide bounds, his glory with the heavens.
Trang 237 - Paris, of 1763, ferve as abafis and foundation to the peace, and to the prefent treaty; and, for this purpofe, they are all renewed and confirmed in the beft form, as well as all the treaties in general which fubfifted between the high...
Trang 306 - ... will seriously deliberate whether the means of general defence ought not to be increased by an addition to the regular artillery and cavalry, and by arrangements for forming a provisional army.
Trang 303 - Minister of Foreign Relations informed the American Minister, then resident at Paris, of the formalities to be observed by himself in taking leave and by his successor preparatory to his reception.
Trang 91 - ... due to us, nor do we ever intend to deviate from our former character...
Trang 305 - Congress, to prevent the resources of the United States from being converted into the means of annoying our trade, a great evil will be prevented. With the same view I think it proper to mention, that some of our citizens resident abroad have fitted out privateers, and others have voluntarily taken the command, or entered on board of them, and committed spoliations on the commerce of the United States.
Trang 162 - The squadron has suffered much in their masts, yards, and rigging, and many of them have lost a number of men , however, in no proportion to that of the enemy. The carnage on board the two ships that bore the Admirals...
Trang 49 - A letter, of which the following is a copy, has been this day received from the Right Honourable Lord Cawdor by his Grace the Duke of Portland, his Majefty's principal Secretary of State for the home department.

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