Reconciliation, Justice, and Coexistence: Theory and Practice

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Mohammed Abu-Nimer
Lexington Books, 2001 - 361 trang
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Since the end of the Cold War several political agreements have been signed in attempts to resolve longstanding conflicts in such volatile regions as Northern Ireland, Israel-Palestine, South Africa, and Rwanda. This is the first comprehensive volume that examines reconciliation, justice, and coexistence in the post-settlement context from the levels of both theory and practice. Mohammed Abu-Nimer has brought together scholars and practitioners who discuss questions such as: Do truth commissions work? What are the necessary conditions for reconciliation? Can political agreements bring reconciliation? How can indigenous approaches be utilized in the process of reconciliation? In addition to enhancing the developing field of peacebuilding by engaging new research questions, this book will give lessons and insights to policy makers and anyone interested in post-settlement issues.

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Nội dung

After Violence Reconstruction Reconciliation and Resolution Coping with Visible and Invisible Effects of War and Violence Johan Galtung
SocialPsychological Processes in Interactive Conflict Analysis and Reconciliation Ronald J Fisher
Changing Forms of Coexistence Louis Kriesberg
The Attainment of Justice through Restoration Not Litigation The Subjective Road to Reconciliation Mica EstradaHollenbeck
Forgiveness as an Element of Conflict Resolution in Religious Cultures Walking the Tightrope of Reconciliation and Justice Marc Gopin
Negotiating a Revolution Toward Integrating Relationship Building and Reconciliation into Official Peace Negotiations J Lewis Rasmussen
Justice and the Burdens of History Joseph V Montville
Ritual Reconciliation Transforming IdentityReframing Conflict Lisa Schirch
The Case of Land in Zimbabwe Cause of Conflict Foundation for Sustained Peace Erin McCandless
Education for Coexistence in Israel Potential and Challenges Mohammed AbuNimer
The Challenge to History Justice Coexistence and Reconciliation Work in Northern Ireland Mari Fitzduff
Understanding Majority and Minority Participation in Interracial and Interethnic Dialogue Amy S Hubbard
Refugee Return in Bosnia and Herzegovina Coexistence before Reconciliation Barry Hart
Justice and Reconciliation Postconflict Peacebuilding in Cambodia and Rwanda Wendy Lambourne
The Long Road to Reconciliation Mohammed AbuNimer Abdul Aziz Said and Lakshitha S Prelis

Practice in Reconciliation Justice and Coexistence Selective Case Studies
Coexistence and Reconciliation in the Northern Region of Ghana Hizkias Assefa
Reconciliation and Justice in South Africa Lessons from the TRCs Community Interventions Hugo van der Merwe
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Giới thiệu về tác giả (2001)

Mohammed Abu-Nimer is Assistant Professor of International Peace and Conflict Resolution in the School of International Service at American University. He is the author of Dialogue, Conflict Resolution and Change: The Case of Arabs and Jews in Israel (1999).

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