Samuel Johnson: A Biography

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Crossroad Press, 12 thg 9, 2017
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John Wain presents a major biography of England's greatest man of letters. He describes how "Johnson often mixed with people who were desperate human wrecks, some of whom were close friends; to the end of his life he filled house with people who were not successes in the eyes of the world, yet at the same time he conversed on equal and better than equal terms with the most important and brilliant people of that time."


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Nội dung

In the Midlands
A Poor Diseased Infant
Ah Sir I was Rude and Violent
From Wolstan to Werburgh
True Evident and Actual Wisdom
Toil Envy Want
A Death and a Journey in the Mind
The Machine Stops
You dogs Ill have a frisk with you
Whos for Poonsh?
Turtle and Burgundy

Time of Decision
Grub Street
At St Johns Gate
The Friend of Goodness Stalemate 6 7
The Dictionary Years
Crossing the
The Tragic Muse
Diversions of a Lexicographer
I Now Begin to See Land
Effort and Collapse
The Two Families
The Great Republic of Human Nature
The Padlock
Old Acquaintance
A Hundred Days in a Strange Land
The Thoughts of One Who Has Seen but Little
Countries of the Mind
Alone Again
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