Local Records: Or, Historical Register of Remarkable Events, which Have Occurred in Northumberland and Durham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, and Berwick Upon Tweed, from the Earliest Period of Authentic Record, to the Present Time; with Biographical Notices of Deceased Persons of Talent, Eccentricity, and Longevity, Tập 1

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Printed for, and sold by, J. Sykes, 1833
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Trang 135 - You must have heard many tales on this subject ; but if ever there was a good Christian, without knowing himself to be so, it was Dr. Garth.
Trang 106 - It was an ancient custom for the mayor, aldermen, and sheriff of Newcastle, accompanied by a great number of persons, to proceed every year, at the feasts of Easter and Whitsuntide, to this place, with the mace, sword, and cap of maintenance, carried before them.
Trang 100 - Hobson, that he knew women whether they were witches or no by their looks: and when the said person was searching of a personable and good-like woman, the said colonel replied, and said, surely this woman is none, and need not be tried...
Trang 184 - ... place they passed on Monday and Tuesday, the inhabitants followed the example set them by their neighbours of Carnarvon, and in a few hours the sum of 20;.
Trang 4 - I'm dead." Bede's-Well .— About a mile to the west of Jarrow (near Newcastle-uponTyne), there is a well still called Bede's Well, to which, as late as the year 1740, it was a prevailing custom to bring children troubled with any disease or infirmity ; a crooked pin was put in, and the well laved dry between each dipping.
Trang 95 - Upon this the lady gave it him, and told him its many virtues, viz. that it cured all diseases in cattle, and the bite of a mad dog both in man and beast. It is used by dipping the stone in water, which is given to the diseased cattle to drink ; and the person who has been bit, and the wound or part infected, is washed with the water.
Trang 189 - And as a further encouragement, the Commissioners of Excise do hereby promise a reward of one hundred pounds to any person or persons making such discovery, to be paid by their Secretary, on conviction of any one or more of the offenders.
Trang 104 - Thence we came to Durham, where was a man come down from London to set up a college there to make ministers of Christ, as they said.
Trang 335 - Were it material, I believe I could produce other passages, which more plainly appear to have been originally intended for the scene: but whatever truth there may be in this report, it is certain that he did not begin to mould his...
Trang 128 - Edinbro', every other Saturday, or to the black swan in Holborn, every other Monday, at both of which places they may be received in a stage-coach, which performs the whole journey in thirteen days without any stoppage (if God permit), having eighty able horses to perform the whole stage.

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