The army of Frederick the Great

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David & Charles, 25 thg 4, 1974 - 272 trang
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The terrific King Frederick the Great is one of the greatest leaders in the World History. He had an excellent army, which is truly the foremost army in the 18th-century and imitated in many other countries (such as the powerful Russian Empire of Paul I)! This mighty army, with many formidable soldiers, helped him to expanded and defended his nation successfully! This gifted monarchs's outstanding army is very unique and controversial, that a historian saw them as the prefigure of the terrible SS!
But, the highly celebrated historian Christopher Duffy gave us an excellent new light throught this truly classic and splendid book! Greatly, this is a scholarly and important work about the military genius "Old Fritz". Like his other highly regarded books (such as his works on the armies of Maria Theresa and the Russian Tsars), this magnificent and terrific book is highly reliable and unbiased! Throughout this superb book, the outstanding national hero is both admirable and critical! The actually life of this enigmatic king ended when the Prussian Army expanded greatly, not as in exile as the dictator Napoleon! It provides me with many good and useful informations about the highly talented King Frederick the Great's important generals such as Fouque, Seydlitz and Zieten, his successes and failings, such as his Army's problems in the Seven Years War, their glorious victories at Rossbach, Leuthen, Burkersdorf and Freiberg, their heavily defeats such as Kolin, Moys, Hochkirch and Maxen, their defeats and successes the sieges such as Prague and Schweidnitz!
Brilliant! This outstanding and excellent work must be read with enthusianism! Highly regards, for it brilliantly brings such the disciplined and powerful army of a brilliant monarch to life! Marvelous and admirable, it is truly one of the best and dominant books on the German military history, that sastify bot the public readers and the specialists! It successfully exploited the glorious days of this mighty army and immortality, and greatly showed Christopher Duffy's skills as a great and fascinating historian! (2011)

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