Beyond Comfort Zones in Multiculturalism: Confronting the Politics of Privilege

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Sandra Jackson, Jose Solis, José Solís, José Solís Jordán
Greenwood Publishing Group, 1995 - 269 trang
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For peoples whose legal agreements, treaties, and other accords and conventions with the United States have been violated, multiculturalism as a pedagogical tool often becomes suspect of reinforcing the continued reification and abstraction of their cultures and nations with little if any real meaning for educational and social transformation. The continued oppression and repression of the exercise of self-determination for African Americans; the persistence of policies aimed at the destruction of indigenous populations and land; the insidious continuation of classical colonialism in the case of Puerto Rico are all vivid reminders to these peoples of the racist, classist, sexist, and homophobic patriarchy that characterizes their status. In order to restore people's rights to fully determine their own histories, Jackson and Solis point out that it is imperative to destroy the material foundations that breed and recycle the ideology, discourse, and cultural practices of domination. It is not enough to celebrate diversity and difference; there must be grand-scale social, political, economic, and educational transformation.


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Nội dung

Introduction Resisting Zones of Comfort in Multiculturalism
From I to We Self Determination and the Multicultural
White Studies The Intellectual Imperialism of US Higher Education
Multiculturalism War in America Continues
Nuestra Realidad Historical Roots of Our Latino Identity
Racism White Skin Privilege
The Politics of Culture Multicultural Education After the Content Debate
Academic Apartheid American Indian Studies and Multiculturalism
Entre la Marquesina y la Cocina
Deconstructing Mainstream Discourse Through Puerto Rican Womens Oral Narratives
Curriculum Canon and Syllabi Whos Teaching What and How
Education in Community The Role of Multicultural Education
Core Culture and Core Curriculum in South Africa
The Peer Review Group Writing Negotiation and Metadiscourse in the English Classroom
The Cultural Ethos of the Academy Potentials and Perils for Multicultural Education Reform

The Doorkeepers Education and Internal Settler Colonialism the Mexican Experience
Gendered Subjectivities
Negotiating Self Defined Standpoints in Teaching and Learning
About the Contributors
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Giới thiệu về tác giả (1995)

SANDRA JACKSON is an Assistant Professor of Education at De Paul University in Chicago.

JOSE SOLIS is an Assistant Professor of Education at DePaul University in Chicago. He is the author of Public School Reform in Puerto Rico: Sustaining Colonial Models of Development (Praeger, 1994).

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