The Annual Register of World Events: A Review of the Year, Tập 37

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Edmund Burke
Longmans, Green, 1800
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Trang 283 - All ships and merchandise, of what nature soever, which shall be rescued out of the hands of any pirates or robbers on the high seas, shall be brought into some port of either State, and shall be delivered to the custody of the officers of that port, in order to be taken care of, and restored entire to the true proprietor, as soon as due and sufficient proof shall be made concerning the property thereof.
Trang 285 - ... masts, planks, boards and beams, of .what trees soever ; and all other things proper either for building or repairing ships, and all other goods whatever, which have not been worked into the form of any instrument...
Trang 31 - His constitution during infancy was infirm and sickly, and required all the tender solicitude of his surviving parent. She was blamed for treating him with an unlimited indulgence; but it produced no unfavourable effects on his temper or his dispositions: and he enjoyed the rare satisfaction of being able to repay her affection, by every attention that filial gratitude could dictate, during the long period of sixty years.
Trang 1 - ... and judgment with which all his works were executed under his own eye, and by artists, for the most part, of his own forming, have turned the current in this branch of commerce ; for, before his time, England imported the finer earthen wares : but, for more than twenty years...
Trang 39 - Buccleugh under the author's care, and would make it worth his while to accept of that charge. As soon as I heard this, I called on him twice, with a view of talking with him about the matter, and of convincing him of the propriety of sending that young nobleman to...
Trang 295 - Treaty with the Dey and Regency of that country had been adjusted in such a manner as to authorize the expectation of a speedy peace, and the restoration of our unfortunate fellow-citizens from a grievous captivity.
Trang 49 - The opinions he formed of men, upon a slight acquaintance, were frequently erroneous ; but the tendency of his nature inclined him much more to blind partiality, than to ill-founded prejudice. The enlarged views of human affairs, on which his mind habitually dwelt, left him neither time nor inclination to...
Trang 283 - Ships, and prosecution of their voyage; and they shall no ways be hindered from returning out of the said Ports, or Roads, but may remove and depart when and whither they please without any let or hindrance.
Trang 282 - The two high contracting parties shall, by all the means in their power, maintain peace and harmony among the several Indian nations who inhabit the country adjacent to the lines and rivers, which, by the preceding articles, form the boundaries of the two Floridas.
Trang 16 - ... threw the conical top of the hill to fuch a diftance, that it feemed to rife from another world. The height .of St. Marino (we were told) had been accurately meafured by Father Bofcovich, and found to be nearly half a mile above the level of the neighbouring fea.

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