The History of England: From the Invasion of Julius Cæsar, to the Revolution in 1688, Tập 6

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Stereotyped and printed by and for A. Wilson, Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, 1810

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Trang 286 - ... and to command them victoriously at last; to over-run each corner of the three nations, and overcome with equal facility both the riches of the south and the poverty of the north...
Trang 286 - ... with one word to his posterity ; to die with peace at home, and triumph abroad ; to be buried among kings, and with more than regal solemnity ; and to leave a name behind him, not to be extinguished but with the whole world ; which, as it is...
Trang 105 - And the men of Israel answered the men of Judah, and said, We have ten parts in the king, and we have also more right in David than ye; why then did ye despise us, that our advice should not be first had in bringing back our king?
Trang 161 - Charles produced before the court, and as often declined their jurisdiction. On the fourth, the judges having examined some witnesses, by whom it was proved that the king had appeared in arms against the forces commissioned by the Parliament ; they pronounced sentence against him. He seemed very anxious, at this time, to be admitted to a conference with the two Houses ; and it was supposed, that he intended to resign the crown to his son ; but the court refused compliance, and considered that request...
Trang 285 - What can be more extraordinary, than that a person of mean birth, no fortune, no eminent qualities of body, which have sometimes, or of mind, which have often, raised men to the highest dignities, should have the courage to attempt, and the happiness to succeed in, so improbable a design, as the destruction of one of the most ancient and...
Trang 158 - He has more wit than to be here.' When the charge was read against the king, ' in the name of the people of England,' the same voice exclaimed, ' Not a tenth part of them : ' Axtel, the officer who guarded the court, giving orders to fire into the box whence these insolent speeches came ; it was discovered that lady Fairfax was there, and that it was she who had the courage to utter them.
Trang 173 - These meditations resemble, in elegance, purity, neatness, and simplicity, the genius of those performances, which we know with certainty to have . flowed from the Royal pen: but are so unlike the bombast, perplexed, rhetorical, and corrupt style of Dr. Gauden, to whom they are ascribed, that no human testimony seems sufficient to convince us that he was the author.
Trang 286 - ... have the estates and lives of three kingdoms as much at his disposal, as was the little inheritance of his father, and to be as noble and liberal in the spending of them ; and lastly (for there is no end of...
Trang 228 - For shame," said he to the parliament, "get you gone: give place to honester men; to those who will more faithfully discharge their trust. You are no longer a parliament. I tell you, you are no longer a parliament. The Lord has done with you: he has chosen other instruments for carrying on his work.
Trang 488 - You may rest secure, that though perhaps we may give way for the present, to that which will be prejudicial both to the church and our own government ; yet we shall not leave thinking in time how to remedy both.

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