Goethe's Works, Tập 6

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G. Bell & sons, 1883
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Trang 212 - If a talent is to be speedily and happily developed, the great point is that a great deal of intellect and sound culture should be current in a nation. We admire the tragedies of the ancient Greeks; but, to take a correct view of the case, we ought rather to admire the period and the nation in which their production was possible than the individual authors; for though these pieces differ a little from...
Trang 328 - Man is by all his senses and efforts directed to externals—to the world around him, and he has to know this so far, and to make it so far serviceable, as he requires for his own ends. It is only when he feels joy or sorrow that he knows anything about himself, and only by joy or sorrow is he instructed what to seek and what to shun. Altogether, man is a darkened being; he knows not whence he comes, nor whither he goes ; he knows little of the world, and least of himself. I know not myself, and...
Trang 132 - People are always talking about originality; but what do they mean ? As soon as we are born, the world begins to work upon us, and this goes on to the end. And, after all, what can we call our own except energy, strength, and will? If I could give an account of all 256 that I owe to great predecessors and contemporaries, there would be but a small balance in my favor.
Trang 45 - German literature, and the study of it, and turned my thoughts to life and to production. So on and on I went in my own natural development, and on and on I fashioned the productions of epoch after epoch. And at every step of life and development, my standard of excellence was not much higher than what at such step I was able to attain. But had I been born an Englishman, and had all those numerous masterpieces been brought before me in all their power, at my first dawn of youthful consciousness,...
Trang 261 - No productiveness of the highest kind, no remarkable discovery, no great thought which bears fruit and has results, is in the power of any one ; but such things are elevated above all earthly control. Man must consider them as an unexpected gift from above, as pure children of God, which he must receive and venerate with joyful thanks.
Trang 261 - both good days and good nights. Often before dawn I am already awake, and lie down by the open window, to enjoy the splendour of the three planets, which are at present to be seen together, and to refresh myself with the increasing brilliancy of the morning-red. I then pass almost the whole day in the open air, and hold spiritual communion with the tendrils of the vine, which say good things to me, and of which I could tell you wonders. I also write poems again, which are not bad, and, if it were...
Trang 92 - I have never even read, much less did I think of them, when I was writing ' Faust.' But Lord Byron is only great as a poet ; as soon as he reflects, he is a child. He knows not how to help himself against the stupid attacks of the same kind made upon him by his own countrymen. He ought to have expressed himself more strongly against them. 'What is there is mine...
Trang 216 - It was, in short," continued Goethe, "not in my line, as a poet, to strive to embody anything abstract. I received in my mind impressions, and those of a sensual, animated, charming, varied, hundredfold kind, just as a lively imagination presented them ; and I had, as a poet, nothing more to do than artistically to round off and elaborate such views and impressions, and by means of a lively representation so to bring them forward that others might receive the same impressio'n in hearing or reading...
Trang 181 - Here is the grand point, and our present poets should do like the ancients. They should not be always asking whether a subject has been used before, and look to south and north for unheard-of adventures, which are often barbarous enough, and merely make an impression as incidents. But to make something of a simple subject by a masterly treatment requires intellect and great talent, and these we do not find.
Trang 139 - Man is born not to solve the problems of the universe, but to find out where the problem begins, and then to\\/ restrain himself within the limits of the comprehensible.

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