The Works of M. de Voltaire: Ancient and modern history, chap. I-CLI

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J. Newbery, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, S. Crowder, T. Davies, J. Coote, G. Kearsley, and B. Collins, at Salisbury, 1761
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Trang 193 - Cinq Mars, that he might have a creature of his own about the throne. This young man who was foon made mafter of the horfe, wanted to be in the council ; and the Cardinal, who would not fuffer it, had immediately an irreconcileable enemy in him. The King's own behaviour, who, offended with his minifter's pride and...
Trang 281 - It is you, continued he, to the " members, that have forced me upon this. I have " fought the Lord night and day, that he would rather " flay me than put me upon this work.
Trang 238 - ... common and imaginary wants of the vulgar of royalty. Whenever he threw himself into the arms of his Parliament, they left him without a feeling of his distress. In one of his speeches he says, " In the last Parliament I laid open the true thoughts of my heart ; but I may say, with our Saviour, ' I have piped to you, and you have not danced ; I have mourned, and you have not lamented.
Trang 155 - That these ships were lent to the French King at first without the Duke's privity ; that, when he knew it, he did that which belonged to an Admiral of England, and a true Englishman...
Trang 274 - This same house condemned to death several noblemen who had been taken prisoners fighting for their king. It was nothing extraordinary that those who had violated the law of nations should infringe the law of arms...
Trang 56 - French nation. repeat the circumstances attending this execrable tragedy, which are known to all the world, that one half of the nation butchered the other, with a dagger in one hand and a crucifix in the other, while the king himself fired from a window upon the unhappy wretches who were flying for their lives.

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