The Trials of Charles the First, and of Some of the Regicides: With Biographies of Bradshaw, Ireton, Harrison, and Others, and with Notes

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W. Tegg, 1861 - 338 trang
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Trang 3 - The tragic scaffold might adorn, While round the armed bands Did clap their bloody hands ; He nothing common did, or mean, Upon that memorable scene...
Trang 172 - But go thou thy way till the end be : for thou shall rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.
Trang 102 - Court, to be put to death, by the severing of his head from his body, of which sentence execution yet remaineth to be done : these are, therefore, to will and require you to see the said sentence executed, in the open...
Trang 164 - Dear Robin, our fleshly reasonings ensnare us. These make us say, 'heavy,' 'sad,' 'pleasant,' 'easy.' Was there not a little of this when Robert Hammond, through dissatisfaction too, desired retirement from the Army, and thought of quiet in the Isle of Wight ? > Did not God find him out there ? I believe he will never forget this.
Trang 46 - Sir, By your favour, I do not know the forms of law: I do know law and reason, though I am no lawyer professed; but I know as much law as any gentleman in England; and therefore (under favour) I do plead for the Liberties of the People of England more than you do...
Trang 96 - For all which treasons and crimes this Court doth adjudge that he, the said Charles Stuart, as a tyrant, traitor, murderer, and public enemy to the good people of this nation, shall be put to death by the severing of his head from his body.
Trang 189 - Gentlemen, if you are met here as private persons, you shall not be disturbed ; but, if as a council of state, this is no place for you. And since you cannot but know what was done at the house this morning, so take notice, that the parliament is dissolved.
Trang 324 - Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand...
Trang 163 - Thou desirest to hear of my experiences. I can tell thee : I am such a one as thou didst formerly know, having a body of sin and death ; but I thank God, through Jesus Christ our Lord there is no condemnation, though much infirmity ; and I wait for the redemption. And in this poor condition I obtain mercy, and sweet consolation through the Spirit. And find abundant cause every day to exalt the Lord, and abase flesh, — and herein * I have some exercise.
Trang 129 - He nothing common did or mean Upon that memorable scene, But with his keener eye The axe's edge did try; Nor called the gods, with vulgar spite, To vindicate his helpless right, But bowed his comely head Down, as upon a bed.

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