A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Arranged in Systematic Order: Forming a Complete History of the Origin and Progress of Navigation, Discovery, and Commerce, by Sea and Land, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time, Tập 16

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W. Blackwood, 1824
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Trang 342 - The female will defend the young one td the very last, and at the expense of her own life, whether in the water, or upon the ice. Nor will the young one quit the dam, though she be dead ; so that, if you kill one, you are sure of the other.
Trang 484 - ... joined together, but without the feet. The ligaments of the joints were entire, and the whole bore evident marks of having been in the fire, except the hands, which had the flesh left upon them, and were cut in several places, and crammed with salt, apparently with an intention of preserving them. The scalp had a cut in the back part of it, but the skull was free from any fracture.
Trang 218 - I have no where, in my several voyages, met with any uncivilized nation, or tribe, who bad such strict notions of their having a right to the exclusive property of every thing that their country produces, as the inhabitants of this Sound. At first, they wanted our people to pay for the wood and water that they carried on board ; and had I been upon the spot, when these demands were made, I should certainly have complied with them. Our workmen, in my absence, thought...
Trang 206 - Though our visitors behaved very peaceably, and could not be suspected of any hostile intention, we could not prevail upon any of them to come on board.
Trang 453 - ... in which he was engaged, his eagerness and activity were never in the least abated. No incidental temptation could detain him for a moment; even those intervals of recreation, which sometimes unavoidably occurred, and were looked for by us with a longing, that persons who have experienced the fatigues of service will readily excuse, were submitted to by him with a certain impatience, whenever they could not be employed in making further provision for the more effectual prosecution of his designs.
Trang 464 - Cook ; he staggered a few paces, then fell on his hand and one knee, and dropped his musket. As he was rising, and before he could recover his feet, another Indian stabbed him in the back of the neck with an iron dagger. He then fell into a...
Trang 204 - Between these two points, the shore forms a large bay, which I called Hope Bay ; hoping, from the appearance of the land, to find in it a good harbour. The event proved, that we were not mistaken. As we drew nearer the coast, we perceived the appearance of two inlets ; one in the northwest, and the other in the north-east corner of the bay.
Trang 459 - ... against the fury of the natives, entreated him to stay with them till they could get off in the boats ; but that he refused, and left them. The master went to seek assistance from the party at the observatories ; but the midshipman chose to remain in the pmnace.
Trang 482 - It is very extraordinary, that amidst all these disturbances, the women of the island, who were on board, never offered to leave us, nor discovered the smallest apprehensions, either for themselves or their friends ashore. So entirely unconcerned did they appear, that some of them, who were on deck when the town was in flames, seemed to admire the sight, and frequently cried out, that it was maitai, or very fine.
Trang 446 - Cook, a scuffle ensued, in which Pareea was knocked down by a violent blow on the head with an oar. The natives, who were collected about the spot, and had hitherto been peaceable spectators, immediately attacked our people with such a shower of stones as forced them to retreat with great precipitation, and swim off to a rock, at some distance from the shore. The pinnace was immediately ransacked by the islanders ; and, but for the timely interposition of Pareea, who seemed to have recovered from...

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