Reason to Write: Strategies for Success in Academic Writing, Tập 2

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Oxford University Press, 2003 - 230 trang
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Reason To Write is a series of guidelines, strategies and practice in writing for academic success. Reason to Write takes students through the writing process from generating ideas, drafting and revising, to proof-reading and editing. This intermediate edition focuses on essay writing. Key Features Each theme-based unit contains a short, thought-provoking reading passage to spark students' interest and provide meaningful issues to write about. Accompanying activities establish a framework for lively, in-depth discussion and the development of analytical thinking skills, which are so crucial to effective writing in higher education. All instruction in each unit, including grammar, vocabulary, and rhetorical style, is thoroughly integrated with the theme and the writing objectives, so that students proceed along a seamless path from reading to thinking to writing, from the preparatory stages of writing to the completion of a final written piece.

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