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" We had been shown numberless skeletons of a kind of little fly, called an ephemera, whose successive generations, we were told, were bred and expired within the day. I happened to see a living company of them on a leaf who appeared to be engaged in conversation. "
Poor Richard's Almanac - Trang 121
bởi Benjamin Franklin - 1900 - 132 trang
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The Beauties of Franklin: Consisting of Selections from His Works

Benjamin Franklin - 1834 - 186 trang
...OF A COMPANY OF EPHEMEE-E; WITH A SOLILOQUY OF ONE ADVANCED IX AGE. To Madame Brillon ofPassy. You may remember, my dear friend, that when we lately...delightful garden and swee"t society of the Moulin Joly, I stopt a little in one of our walks, and staid some time behind the company. We had been shown numberless...

Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 103, no. 6, 1959)

...selfrevealed." Additions are between stars, **, deletions are in brackets. Passy Sept 20, 1778 You may remember, my dear Friend, that when we lately...delightful Garden and sweet Society of the Moulin Joli, I stopt a little in one of our Walks, and staid some time behind the Company. We had been shewn...

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