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" ... writers of this age, Sir William Temple is almost the only one that kept himself altogether unpolluted by that inundation of vice and licentiousness which overwhelmed the "nation. The style of this author, though extremely negligent, and even infected... "
The History of England: From the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution ... - Trang 267
bởi David Hume - 1775
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Sir William Temple: The Gladstone Essay, 1908

Murray Lowthian Randolph Beaven - 1908 - 130 trang
...as the same writer asserts, there is " a mixture of vanity in his works," we may add with him that "by means of it we enter into acquaintance with the...character of the author, full of honour and humanity." That phrase precisely expresses the main virtues of Temple's personality : he was essentially a gentleman,...


Charles Wells Moulton - 1910
...although extremely negligent, and even infected with foreign idioms, is agreeable and interesting. That mixture of vanity which appears in his works...humanity, and fancy that we are engaged, not in the perusal of a book, but in conversation with a companion.— HUME. DAVID, 1762, History of England,...

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