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" It shows, besides, that you are mindful of what you owe; it makes you appear a careful as well as an honest man, and that still increases your credit. Beware of thinking all your own that you possess, and of living accordingly. "
The Life of the Late Dr. Benjamin Franklin: Written by Himself. Together ... - Trang 177
bởi Benjamin Franklin - 1823 - 300 trang
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The New England Farmer's Almanac ..., Tập 1

Thomas Green Fessenden - 1823
...be at work, he sends for his money the next day — demands it before he- can receive it in a lump. Beware of thinking all your own that you possess,...is a mistake that many, people who have credit fall in-* to. To prevent thisr, keep an. exact account^ for some time, both of your expenses and your income....

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