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Sách Sách
" ... of forest laws, imported from the continent, whereby the slaughter of a beast was made almost as penal as the death of a man. In the Saxon times, though no man was allowed to kill or chase the king's deer, yet he might start any game, pursue, and... "
History of Great Britain and Ireland - Trang 81
bởi Henry White - 1849
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Commentaries on the Laws of England: In Four Books, Sách 2

William Blackstone - 1902 - 2021 trang
...the lords of manors, (p. 15, ante;) game is royal property, (4 book, 174;) and the new constitution vested the sole property of all the game in England in the king alone. Ib. 415. — CHRISTIAN. (21) By statute, i & 2 W. IV. c. 32 the arbitrary distinctions of qualification...

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