An abridgment of The history of England, continued to 1810

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Trang 108 - ... had I but served God as diligently as I have served the king, he would not have given me over in my grey hairs.
Trang 174 - There is, sir, but one stage more, which though turbulent and troublesome, is yet a very short one. Consider, it will soon carry you a great way; it will carry you from earth to heaven; and there you shall find, to your great joy, the prize to which you hasten, a crown of glory.
Trang 148 - I say, they will receive a terrible blow this parliament, and yet they shall not see who hurts them. This counsel is not to be contemned, because it may do you good, and can do you no harm : for the danger is past, as soon as you have burned the letter. And I hope God will give you the grace to make good use of it, unto whose holy protection I commend you*.
Trang 204 - Wells ; Turner, of Ely ; Lake, of Chichester; White, of Peterborough ; and Trelawney, of Bristol.
Trang 26 - William's displeasure was not a little increased by the account he received of some railleries which that monarch had thrown out against him.
Trang 268 - Louisbourg grenadiers, where the attack was most warm. As he stood conspicuous in the front of the line, he had been aimed at by the enemy's marksmen, and received a shot in the wrist, which however did not oblige him to quit the field. Having wrapped a handkerchief round his hand, he continued giving orders without the least emotion ; and advanced at the head of the grenadiers with their bayonets fixed ; when another ball unfortunately pierced the breast of this young hero *, who fell in the arms...
Trang 148 - And think not slightly of this advertisement ; but retire yourself into your country, where you may expect the event in safety. For, though there be no appearance of any stir, yet I say, they will receive a terrible blow this parliament ; and yet they shall not see who hurts them.
Trang 85 - Baudricourt treated her at first with some neglect ; but her importunities at length prevailed ; and willing to make a trial of her pretensions, he gave her some attendants, who conducted her to the French court, which at that time resided at Chinon.
Trang 46 - What have you done to me?" replied coolly the prisoner: "you killed with your own hands my father, and my two brothers; and you intended to have hanged myself...
Trang 301 - Commander-in-chief about the tenth ship from the van ; the second in command about the twelfth from the rear, leaving the van of the enemy unoccupied ; the succeeding ships breaking through in all parts, astern of their leaders, and engaging the enemy at the muzzles of their guns. The conflict was severe ; the enemy's ships were fought with a gallantry highly honourable to their officers; but the attack on them was irresistible, and it pleased the Almighty Disposer of all events, to grant his Majesty's...

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