Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society

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Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society., 1915

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Trang 98 - Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith etc.
Trang 260 - This innocent word Trimmer signifieth no more than this, That if Men are together in a Boat, and one part of the Company would weigh it down on one side, another would make it lean as much to the contrary; it happeneth there is a third Opinion of those, who conceive it would do as well, if the Boat went even, without endangering the Passengers...
Trang 260 - Interest will not lie' is a right maxim, wherever it is sure to be understood ; 2 else one had as good affirm that no man in particular, nor mankind in general, can ever be mistaken. A nation is a great while before they can see, and generally they must feel first before their sight is quite cleared. This maketh it so long before they can see their interest, that for the most part it is too late for them to pursue it : if men must be supposed always to follow their true interest, it must be meant...
Trang 294 - The principal of his pronouns was thou ; and as for you, ye, and yours, I found they were not looked upon as parts of speech in this grammar. All the verbs wanted the second person plural ; the participles ended all in ing or ed, which were marked with a particular accent. There were no adverbs besides yea and nay. The same thrift was observed in the prepositions. The conjunctions were only hem ! and ha ! and the interjections brought under the three heads of sighing, sobbing, and groaning. " There...
Trang 294 - The next figure was a man that sat under a most profound composure of mind : he wore an hat whose brims were exactly parallel with the horizon : his garment had neither sleeve nor skirt, nor so much as a superfluous button. What they called his cravat, was a little piece of white linen quilled with great exactness, and hanging below his chin about two inches. Seeing a book in his hand, I asked our artist what it was, who told me it was the Quakers' religion ; upon which I desired a sight of it.
Trang 98 - In cujus rei testimonium has litteras nostras fieri fecimus patentes. Teste me ipso apud Novum Castrum super Tynam octavo die mensis Junii anno regni nostri undecimo.
Trang 260 - Trimmer is far from Idolatry in other things, in one thing only he cometh near it, his Country is in some degree his Idol; he doth not Worship the Sun, because 'tis not peculiar to us, it rambles about the World, and is less kind to us than to others: but for the Earth of England, tho...
Trang 308 - She speaks with clear and graceful eloquence on every subject. Her antagonists were shallow theologists, and opposed only idle and pointless raillery to deep and longstudied reasoning on the precepts of Scripture, uttered in persuasive accents, and clothed with all the beauty of language.
Trang 309 - Yet what is her crime, Doctor?' - 'Apostacy, Madam; apostacy from the community in which she was educated.' 'Surely the quitting one community for another cannot be a crime, if it is done from motives of conscience. Hadst thou been educated in the Romish church, I must suppose thou wouldst have abjured its errors, and that there would have been merit in the abjuration.
Trang 245 - ... proud, furious, selfish, and unfeeling. She was a builder, a buyer and seller of estates, a moneylender, a farmer, and a merchant of lead, coals, and timber...

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