H́nh ảnh trang
[blocks in formation]





ANOTHER year has passed away to return no more! We are now at the end of our toils and pleasures in connection with our JUVENILE for 1863. And we feel it a duty and a privilege to address a few words to our young readers in taking leave of them for this year. Very probably many of our young friends have gone the way of all flesh during the year, and probably, nay, certainly, many others will pass away to their long home in the coming year. But what a delightful thought-many who have left us have gone to be for ever with the Lord! And those who next shall follow may be as ready as any who have gone. What a mercy it is, dear young reader, that through the atonement made for our sins by the Lord Jesus we all may get to Heaven. Oh, will you not give God your heart, and his people your hand, and say, I will go with you for the Lord is with you? Heaven is prepared for us all-Jesus died for us all---and if we all flee from sin, say our prayers, love the Lord, keep good company, read the blessed Bible and other good books, and rest our hopes on Christ, we all may meet in glory! Now, my young friends, these are topics which have been before you while reading the JUVENILE during the year. And these will be themes of meditation if we be spared another year. Other things may claim a share of our attention, but these must not be forgotten.

We hope you have profited by the reading of your Magazines already, and we trust you will ask the Lord to help us and our kind correspondents to send you many good articles next year. We intend to give Scripture lessons, and explanations of difficult texts of Scripture during the coming year; and we shall try to please and profit you as much as we can. We are much gratified that we have the privilege of speaking to so many of you every

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