Works: A Contemporary Version, Tập 15

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St.Hubert Guild, 1901
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Trang 289 - The land cannot be cleansed from blood, but by the blood of him who shed it.
Trang 107 - Under these circumstances, one would imagine, that such a severe government as that of the Turks would have put the person calling himself King of Israel to death. Yet they only removed him to the castle of the Dardanelles. The Jews then cried out, that it was not in the power of man to take away his life. His fame had reached even the most distant parts of Europe ; at the Dardanelles he received deputations from the Jews of Poland, Germany, Leghorn, Venice, and Amsterdam ; they paid large sums,...
Trang 70 - A third son rebelled against him in his old age, and endeavered to wrest the sceptre from his feeble hands. How keen were the sufferings which this conduct of his children occasioned, we may infer from his bitter lamentation on account of the death of Absalom. O, my son, my son Absalom ! would...
Trang 255 - ... common and imaginary wants of the vulgar of royalty. Whenever he threw himself into the arms of his Parliament, they left him without a feeling of his distress. In one of his speeches he says, " In the last Parliament I laid open the true thoughts of my heart ; but I may say, with our Saviour, ' I have piped to you, and you have not danced ; I have mourned, and you have not lamented.
Trang 13 - ... and the story ends with the pious exclamation, " from which devill and all other devills defend us, good Lord ! Amen." We have spoken of the collections of tales, which, at the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth centuries...
Trang 29 - Thecapftans which they made make ufe of on this occafion, left no room for having recourfe to fo trifling an affiftance. The work which gave modern Rome fome degree of fuperiority over the ancient, was the cupola of St. Peter's church. There were but three monuments of this kind remaining in the world ; namely, part of the dome of the temple of Minerva at Athens, that of the Pantheon at Rome, and of the great mofque atConftantinople, formerly the church of St.
Trang 169 - All he says tends to the same end. He does not pretend to inspiration, or the gift of prophecy. He places all his merit in a constant endeavor to gain the mastery over his passions, and he writes only as a philosopher: accordingly, the Chinese consider him only as a philosopher.
Trang 191 - If any one should come to me," replied Mahomet, " with the sun in one hand, and the moon in the other, I would not draw back.
Trang 62 - History. repeat the circumstances attending this execrable tragedy, which are known to all the world, that one half of the nation butchered the other, with a dagger in one hand and a crucifix in the other, while the king himself fired from a window upon the unhappy wretches who were flying for their lives.

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