David Garrick

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K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Company, Limited, 1894 - 346 trang
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Trang 322 - Partridge, with a contemptuous sneer; "why, I could act as well as he myself. I am sure if I had seen a ghost I should have looked in the very same manner, and done just as he did.
Trang 62 - With very little variation of cadence, and in a deep, full tone, accompanied by a sawing kind of action, which had more of the senate than of the stage in it, he rolled out his heroics with an air of dignified indifference, that seemed to disdain the plaudits that were bestowed upon him.
Trang 297 - Here lies David Garrick, describe me who can, An abridgment of all that was pleasant in man ; As an actor, confess'd without rival to shine : As a wit, if not first, in the very first line : Yet, with talents like these, and an excellent heart, The man had his failings, a dupe to his art.
Trang 322 - At these words, Garrick turns sharply and at the same moment staggers back two or three paces with his knees giving way under him; his hat falls to the ground and both his arms, especially the left, are stretched out nearly to their full length, with the hands as high as his head, the right arm more bent and the hand lower...
Trang 297 - Twas only that when he was off he was acting. With no reason on earth to go out of his way, He turn'd and he varied full ten times a day: Though secure of our hearts, yet confoundedly sick If they were not his own by finessing and trick: He cast off his friends as a huntsman his pack, For he knew when he pleased he could whistle them back. Of praise a mere glutton, he swallowed what came, And the puff of a dunce he mistook it for fame, Till, his relish grown callous, almost to disease, Who pepper'd...
Trang 20 - relating to Rogues, Vagabonds, Sturdy Beggars, and Vagrants 'into One Act of Parliament, and for the more effectual 'punishing such Rogues, Vagabonds, Sturdy Beggars, and ' Vagrants, and sending them whither they ought to be sent,' as relates to common Players of Interludes; and another Act passed in the twenty-eighth.
Trang 84 - King ! Long live our noble King! God save the King! Send him victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us ! God save the King!
Trang 189 - Vice's snares, She blunder'd on some virtue unawares; With all these blessings, which we seldom find Lavish'd by Nature on one happy mind, A motley figure, of the Fribble tribe, Which heart can scarce conceive, or pen describe, Came simpering on — to ascertain whose sex Twelve sage impannelTd matrons would perplex.
Trang 297 - Till his relish grown callous, almost to disease, Who peppered the highest was surest to please. But let us be candid, and speak out our mind : If dunces applauded, he paid them in kind. Ye Kenricks, ye Kellys and Woodfalls so grave, What a commerce was yours, while you got and you gave!
Trang 193 - That sense may kindly end with ev'ry line ? Some dozen lines before the Ghost is there, Behold him for the solemn scene prepare : See how he frames his eyes, poises each limb, Puts the whole body into proper trim ! — From whence we learn, with no great stretch of art, Five lines hence comes a ghost, and, Ha ! a start.

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