Calls to Arms: Presidential Speeches, Messages, and Declarations of War

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Russell D. Buhite
Rowman & Littlefield, 2003 - 374 trang
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Calls to Arms: Presidential Speeches, Messages, and Declarations of War is a collection of presidential messages and speeches that called America to war from John Adams and the Quasi-War with France to George W. Bush and the fight against international terrorism in Afghanistan. The documents included here demonstrate the growth of presidential power and show how Congress responded to each call to arms. The selections also reflect the adherence to constitutional requirements and in the case of undeclared war messages, the evolution of "extra-constitutional" behavior. In addition, the book provides a sample of the popular responses to calls to arms throughout history and provides a handy reference for studying some of the most memorable presidential speeches. A fascinating collection of some of the most important speeches in our country's history, Calls to Arms will appeal to all those interested in American, diplomatic, and military history.

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Nội dung

JOHN ADAMS QuasiWar with France Documents 17179798
THOMAS JEFFERSON War with Barbary States Documents 815 18011806
JAMES MADISON War of 1812 Document 161812
ANDREW JACKSON Intervention in Sumatra and the Falklands Documents 1819 183132
JAMES K POLK War with Mexico Document 20 1846
ABRAHAM LINCOLN Civil War Documents 2123 1871
ULYSSES S GRANT Korean Expedition Document 24 1871
WILLIAM McKINLEY SpanishAmerican War Documents 2526 1898 Philippine Insurrection Documents 2729 18981900 China Relief Expedition ...
DWIGHT D EISENHOWER Taiwan Strait Document 56 1955 Lebanon Document 57 1958
JOHN F KENNEDY Cuban Missle Crisis Document 58 1962
LYNDON B JOHNSON Vietnam Documents 5963 1964 1967 Dominican Republic Documents 6466 1965
RICHARD M NIXON Invasion of Cambodia Document 67 1970
GERALD R FORD Mayaguez Incident Documents 68
JIMMY CARTER Iran Hostage Rescue Attempt Documents 6970 1980
RONALD REAGAN Marines in Beirut and Intervention in Grenada Document 71 1983 Strike Against Libya Documents 7273 1986 Intervention in ...
GEORGE H W BUSH Intervention in Panama Documents 7677 1989 Persian Gulf War against Iraq Documents 7883 190091 Intervention in Somali...

Theredore Roosevelt Panama Canal Dominican Republic Cuba Documents 3134 19031906
WILLIAM H TAFT Nicaragua Document 35 1912
WOODROW WILSON Intervention in Mexico Documents 3642 19141916 Intervention in Haiti and the Dominican Republic Document 43 1914 W...
CALVIN COOLIDGE Occupation of Nicaragua Documents 4849 192728 Intervention in China Document 50 1927
FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT World War II Documents 5152 194142
HARRY S TRUMAN Korea Documents 5355 1950
WILLIAM J CLINTON Intervention in Somalia Documents 8688 1993 Strike against Iraq Documents 8990 1993 Intervention in Haiti Documents 9...
GEORGE W BUSH AlQaida Terrorist Attack Documents 1023 2001
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Russell D. Buhite is dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of history at the University of Missouri-Rolla.

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