Borodino and the War of 1812

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Seeley, Service, 1 thg 1, 1972 - 208 trang
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Borodino is the greatest battle in the Napoleonic invasions, and it associated with the heroic spirit of the Russians who successfully destroyed the French invaders! It also associated with the intelligent and able Field Marshal Kutuzov, with the highly courage of Kutuzov and with the evenful reign of Tsar Alexander I! As an admirer of the invincible Russians of Borodino, I praised this splendid book highly, for their had an outstanding historian, Christopher Duffy! In this detailed and admirable book, Christopher Duffy provides me many good and useful informations about such interested things as the Soviet Union's highly positive views of the Russian glorious military tradition, which associated with the highly renowned commanders such as Kutuzov, who defeated the dictator Napoleon and decisively expelled the French from the Russians! Unlike the Russian fierce war against Frederick the Great, the greatest soldier in the 18th-century (in which the Russians won the splendid but costly battle of Kunersdorf), the Russians won the war against Napoleon! Highly regards, with enthusianism, for this splendid book bring one of my interested battles to life!  

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The Weapons and Tactics of 1812
Typical Battalion Column of the Napoleonic Period
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