The Queen of Naples and Lord Nelson: An Historical Biography Based on Mss. in the British Museum and on Letters and Other Documents Preserved Amongst the Morrison Mss, Tập 1

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Hurst and Blackett, 1889 - 377 trang
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Trang 146 - O, welcome, pure-eyed Faith, white-handed Hope, Thou hovering angel girt with golden wings, And thou unblemished form of Chastity!
Trang 341 - Syracuse that he was to encourage the fleet being supplied with everything should they put into any port in Sicily. We put into Syracuse and received every supply, went to Egypt, and destroyed the French fleet. Could I have rewarded these services I would not now call upon my country ; but as that has not been in my power...
Trang 311 - Country, to my knowledge, without her receiving any reward from either our King or Country, first, that she obtained the King of Spain's letter in 1796 to his brother the King of Naples acquainting him of his intention to declare war against England, from which letter the Ministry sent out orders to then Sir John Jervis to strike a stroke, if opportunity offered against either the Arsenals of Spain or her Fleets ; that neither of these was done is not the fault of Lady Hamilton, the opportunity might...
Trang 26 - I love, I never did love any one else. I never had a dear pledge of love till you gave me one, and you, thank my God, never gave one to any body else.
Trang 227 - No person can be so charming as the Queen. She is everything one can wish, — the best mother, wife and friend in the world. I live constantly with her, and have done intimately so for 2 years, and I never have in all that time seen anything but goodness and sincerity in her, and, if ever you hear any lyes about her, contradict them, and if you should see a cursed book written by a vile french dog with her character in it, don't believe one word.
Trang 337 - My Dear Lady Hamilton, I have kissed the Queen's letter. Pray say I hope for the honor of kissing her hand when no fears will intervene, assure her Majesty that no person has her felicity more at heart...
Trang 339 - The fleet is unmoored, and the moment the wind comes off the land shall go out of this delightful harbour, where our present wants have been most amply supplied, and where every attention has been paid to us ; but I have been tormented by no private orders given to the Governor for our admission.
Trang 311 - Ministry sent out orders to the then Sir John Jervis to strike a stroke, if opportunity offered, against either the arsenals of Spain or her fleets. That neither of these was done is not the fault of Lady Hamilton ; the opportunity might have been offered. " Secondly, the British fleet under my command could never have returned the second time to Egypt, had not Lady Hamilton's influence with the Queen of Naples caused letters to be...
Trang 329 - Captains under your command, in addition to those already with you; and to proceed with them in quest of the armament preparing by the enemy at Toulon and Genoa; the object whereof appears to be, either an attack upon Naples, or Sicily; the conveyance of an army to some part of the coast of Spain, for the purpose of marching towards Portugal, or to pass through the Straits, with a view of proceeding to Ireland.
Trang 285 - Send me some news, political and private; for, against my will, owing to my situation here, I am got into politicks, and I wish to have news for our dear much-loved Queen, whom I adore.

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