Comparative Studies in Germanic Syntax: From Afrikaans to Zurich German

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Jutta Hartmann, Lszl Molnrfi
John Benjamins Publishing, 2006 - 331 trang
This selection of papers presented at the 20th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop brings together contributions that address issues in syntactic predication and studies in the nominal system, as well as papers on data from the history of English and German. Showing a strong comparative commitment, the contributions include studies on previously neglected data on case and predicative structures in Icelandic and other Germanic languages, on the (non-)syntactic distinction of predicative vs. argument NP/DPs, on quirky V2 in Afrikaans, the pronominal system, resumptive pronouns with relative clauses in Zurich German, as well as historical papers on word-formation processes, on auxiliary selection in relation to counter factuality, and on the development of VO-OV orders in the history of English. This volume presents a wide range of studies that enrich both the theoretical understanding and the empirical foundation of comparative research on the Germanic languages.

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From Afrikaans to Zurich German
I Studies on predication
The NomAcc alternation in Germanic
Shape conservation Holmbergs generalization and predication
Quirky verbsecond in Afrikaans
Nominal arguments and nominal predicates
II Studies on the pronominal system
Pronominal noun phrases number specifications and null nouns
Long relativization in Zurich German as resumptive prolepsis
III Historical studies
Auxiliary selection and counterfactuality in the history of English and Germanic
The loss of residual headfinal orders and remnant fronting in Late Middle English
Syntactic sources of wordformation processes
The series Linguistik AktuellLinguistics Today
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Toward a syntactic theory of number neutralisation

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