Some Account of the English Stage: From the Restoration in 1660 to 1830, Tập 4

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H.E. Carrington, 1832
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Trang 449 - Nay, my dear lady, this will never do. Poor David! Smile with the simple. What folly is that ? And who would feed with the poor that can help it ? No, no; let me smile with the wise, and feed with the rich.
Trang 655 - From the first chipping of the egg, his receiving motion, his feeling the ground, his standing upright, to his quick Harlequin trip round the empty shell, through the whole progression, every limb had its tongue, and every motion a voice, which "spoke with most miraculous organ," to the understandings and sensations of the observers.
Trang 226 - Saturday afternoon, exactly at twelve o'clock, at the new theatre in the Haymarket, Mr. Foote begs the favour of his friends to come and drink a dish of chocolate with him, and 'tis hoped there will be a great deal of company and some joyous spirits.
Trang 226 - Mr. Foote begs the favour of his friends to come and drink a dish of chocolate with him, and 'tis hoped there will be a great deal of comedy and some joyous spirits ; he will endeavour to make the morning as diverting as possible. Tickets for this entertainment to be had at George's Coffee House, Temple Bar, without which no person will be admitted.
Trang 446 - The five long acts from which our three are taken Stretch'd out to sixteen years, lay by, forsaken. Lest then this precious liquor run to waste, 'Tis now confin'd and bottled for your taste. 'Tis my chief wish, my joy, my only plan To lose no drop of that immortal man ! SCENE I.
Trang 12 - V. and his brother in the Tower. The landing of the Earl of Richmond; and the death of King Richard in the memorable battle of Bosworth-field, being the last that was fought between the houses of York and Lancaster. With many other true Historical passages.
Trang 12 - Theatre in Goodman's fields, this day, will be performed a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, divided into Two Parts Tickets at three, two, and one shilling.
Trang 267 - Works of imagination excel by their allurement and delight; by their power of attracting and detaining the attention. That book is good in vain which the reader throws away. He only is the master who keeps the mind in pleasing captivity...
Trang 13 - THE VIRGIN UNMASK'D. The Part of Lucy by Miss HIPPISLEY. Both of which will be performed Gratis by Persons for their Diversion. The Concert will begin exactly at Six o'clock.
Trang 15 - When he started from his dream, he was a spectacle of horror. He called out in a manly tone: 'Give me another horse!' He paused, and, with a countenance of dismay, advanced, crying out in a tone of distress: 'Bind up my wounds'; and then, falling on his knees, said in the most piteous accent: 'Have mercy Heaven.

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