H́nh ảnh trang

Canada, proposed measures relative to
importation of corn from, [105]
Canadian chiefs, introduced to the king,
Canning, Mr., reply to Mr. Brougham,

[12]; remarks on the Catholic Asso-
ciation; on the recognition of the South
American States, [13]; speech on the
Catholic Association, [32]; his course
of conduct with regard to the Catholic
question, [34]; note to the chevalier
de los Rios, relative to the conduct of
Great Britain with respect to the Spa-
nish American colonies, 51; letter to,
from M. Rodivs, in behalf of the Greek
government, 56*

Canova, anecdotes of his early life,
previous to his residence at Rome,
189; studies under Toretto, 198*;
goes to Venice, 198; his first statue,
Eurydice, 202*; Orpheus, 204"; Es-
culapius, 206; Dædalus and Icarus,
ib.; list of his works, 208*
Capper, col. James, death of, 279
Carbonic acid gas, natural sources of, 260*
Carlisle, earl of, death of, 277
Catholic Association, [1]; mischief of,
pointed out by Mr. Canning, [13];
discussion on, in parliament, [17];
Mr. Goulburn's speech on, [18]; Mr;
Plunkett's, [26]; Mr. Canning's, [32];
petition from, [40]; bill passed against,
[42]; plan of a new Association, [43]
Relief bill, [52], 34; debates
in the Commons, [54]; in the
Lords, [64]


Rent, [23]; suppressed, and
"Free Gifts" adopted instead, [40];
purposes of the latter, ib,
Catholics, petition from, [40]; ditto
presented by sir F. Burdett, [46].
Chalmers, George, death of, 253
Chancery, court of, [83]; character and
utility, [84]; complaints and attacks
against, ib.; discussions on, in par-
liament, [85]; rules and practice of, 100
Charles X, his coronation, 70; manner
of living, 104

Check, loss of, action respecting, 68
Cheltenham: col. Berkeley's assault on
Mr. Judge, 36
Chemistry, 260*

Chile: plot and commotions, [216]; em-
barrassed finances, [217]

Chronometers, 259*

Coins, antique, forgery of, 104
Colonial office, increase of business, and
additional under-secretary, 116

policy, alterations in, [99]; ad-
vanlages granted to the United States,

Colombia, treaty of amity and commerce
with, 80; treaty of commerce with
the United States, 117; vice-presi-
dent's message to Congress, 131'; spe
cial articles in the treaty with the
United States, 140 vice-president's
note to Bolivar, 142°; minister's note
to the chargé d'affaires at Buenos
Ayres 146*

Columbus (timber-ship) loss of the, 65
Combination Laws, debate on, [91];
dangerous tendency of, [92]
Comet, new one discovered, 105

steam-boat, loss of, 142; trial of
the master and pilot of the Ayre, 74
Comets, 258*

Commerce, prosperous state of, [2]; pro-
posed abolition of fees, at colonial ports,
[104], [111]; commercial regulations
at Hamburgh, 103; convention with
Russia, 64; Denmark, 66°; Hanover,
69; convention of, with the Hanseatic
cities, 70°; treaty with Brazil, 75°;
with Columbia, 80*
Commissions in the army, regulations for
sale and purchases of, 57
Committals, Convictions, Executions, &c.,

Companies, Joint-stock, list of, 97
Company, new Joint-stock, in France,
119; Lower Rhine steam navigation
company, 121

Congress of Panama, [214]
Conspiracy of Carbonari, at Rome, 160
Constantinople, murders at, 48
Consuls, regulations respecting, [112]
Contrivance, singular one, for effecting
robberies, 132

Convention of commerce with Russia,
64; with Denmark, 66°; Hanover,
69; Hanseatic cities, 70°

Convictions, 337, 339

Cook, captain, of the Cambria, letter to
the agents at Lloyd's, relative to the
loss of the Kent Indiaman, 23; re
warded by the East India company, 26
Cooper, the hon. A. F., killed by fighting,
at Eton school, 20

Copenhagen: new steam-carriage, 53

City of Glasgow, steam-packet, loss of, Corfu, directions for vessels navigating

Clergy of Austria, 1; of France ib.

Cochrane, lord, his arrival at Portsmouth,

Coinage, the new, 83

the channel of, 264*

Corn Laws: Mr. Whitmore's motion re-
specting, [98]; proposed measures re-
specting importation of corn from Ca-
nada, [105]

Coronation of Charles X., 70

Corri, Domenico, composer, death of, 251
Corsica, extracts from Benson's Sketches
of, 224*

Cotton, general, attack on Donabew,
[126], &c.

Cotton manufactories, disturbances in, at
Houlme in France, 114
Cottons, duties on, [106]

Covent Garden: Orestes in Argos, 54
Courier, M. Paul Louis, assassination and
memoir of, 51; trial of his assassin,

Court-martial, on captains Parry and
Hoppner, 148

Courts: Admiralty; case of the Zodiac,
9; trial of the master and pilot of the
Comet steam-packet, 174
Chancery; Townshend, v. Agnew,


Common Pleas; Brooke v. Carpenter,
95; J. Hunter, esq, contempt of
court, 159

High Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh;
W. Allen, robbery and murder, 182;
case of the Comet, 184

House of Lords; Maule, v. Maule, 77
King's Bench; Montague v. Espi-
nasse, 12; The King v. Taylor,
gaming houses, 16; Harborough v.
Pinner, assault, 49; Down v. Halling,
&c., 68; Poole v. Elliston, assault,
76; Robinson, v. Ward, for recovery
of a sum of money paid by the de-
fendant into his own banker's in his
own name, 150; Joseph v. Perrer,
1; Byrne v. Parkins, 7*; Blore v.
Stockdale, libel (3*
Craven, earl of, death of, 268
Crimes, 337

Currents of the Ocean, 257*

Custom House, fall of the floor of the
long room, 11

seizures, 16

Customs, produce of, [115], [117]
Cuxhaven, hurricane and inundation, 14

Dance, George, architect, death of, 219
Danish Loan, 27

David, French painter, death of, 292
Demetriades, Constantine, Greek mendi.
cant, death of, 275

Denmark, convention of commerce with,

Denon, baron, death and memoir of,

Disturbances at Sunderland, 117; num-

ber of persons wounded by the military,
118; in the Isle of Man, 157
Donabew, taken by sir A. Campbell,

[blocks in formation]

Fanaticism and Imposture, 66, 79
Ferdinand IV. of Naples, death of, 218
Fife cause, final decision of, 169
Finances, statement of, by the chancellor
of the Exchequer, [115]; Mexico, [200]
Finlayson's Mission to Siam, &c., extracts
from, 213*

Fires Kent, Indiaman, 22; in St. Mary
Axe, 65; extensive fire in Mortimer-
street, &c., 22; at Gravendeel, 100; at
Mr. Jones's, Cavendish-street, 109; at
Obigt, 134; destructive fire at Mira-
michi, New Brunswick, 173
Fish, quantity of, imported, at London,


Fisher, Dr. (bishop of Salisbury), death
of, 247

Foreign Enlistment Act, proclamation en-
forcing, [122]

Fossil Remains, in Sussex, 48
Fouché, memoirs of, suppressed, 2
Foy, general, death and memoir of, 287
France opening of the session of the
Chambers, [134]; king's speech, ib.;
civil list, [136]; indemnification to
emigrants, ib.; sinking fund, &c., [137];
conversion of the Rentes, &c., [138];
budget, [139]; state of sinking fund,
ib.; law against sacrilege, [140]; state
of the clergy, ib.; prosecutions against
liberal journals, the Constitutionnel and
Courier Français, ib.; decision of the
Cour Royale respecting ditto, [141];
petition for sending consuls to the new
states of America, [142]; M. de Vil-
lele's defence of the policy of France
towards the American states, ib.; ne-
gociations with Hayti, relative to the
independence of the latter, [143]; see
Hayti; regulations for horse-races, 36;
assassination of M. Courier, 51; in-
creased salaries of judges, 53; new
peers, 56; arrival of the duke of North-
umberland as ambassador extraordi-
nary, 59; of Sidi Mahmoud, envoy
from Tunis, 60; article in the Aris-
tarque respecting a loan to Rothschild,
61; Coronation of Charles X., 70;
disturbances in the cotton manufactories
in Houlme, 114; trade with the inde-
pendent States of South America, 116;
Societé Commandataire de l'Industrie,
119; miracle, 131; murder at Castres,
138; public libraries, 286*

Franklin, Mrs. (Miss Porden), death of,

[blocks in formation]

Gigantic man, account of, 91
Glastonbury, lord, death of, 243
Gotha, duke of, death of, 226
Goulburn, Mr., motion and speech on the
Catholic Association, and unlawful so-
cieties in Ireland, [18]

Graham, sir James, death of, 236
Graham, lieut. P., indicted for challenging
lord Harborough, 51
Gravendeel, fire at, 100

Greece: insurrection headed by Coloco-
troni, [184]; his submission, ib.; he
and the other leaders of the rebellion
sent to Hydra, ib.; blockade of Patras,
[185]; siege of Navarino, [186]; sur-
render of Old Navarino, [188]; recal
of Colocotroni, [190]; military opera-
tions in the Morea, ib.; naval prepara-
tions of the Turks for the siege of Mis-
solonghi,[191]; naval operations, [193];
unsuccessful attempt to burn the Turk-
ish fleet at Alexandria, ib.; offer of the
Greeks to place themselves under the
protection of Great Britain, ib.; M.
Rodios' letter to Mr. Canning in name
of the provisional government, 56*;
manifesto of the Greek nation, 106*;
protest of M. M. Roche and Washing-
ton, the deputies of France and Ame-
rica, to the provisional government, 108
Guatemala: disturbances, [208]; election
of president, ib.; expenditure, ib.

Halhed, Mr., intimacy and literary con-
nexion with Sheridan, 171
Halo light, polarized state of, 261*
Hamburgh, commercial regulations at,

103; number of vessels arrived at, 185
Hanover, convention of reciprocity of
commerce with, 69°

Hanseatic oities, convention of commerce,
&c. with, 70*

Harborough, lord, action of assault against
a seaman, 49; challenged by Mr. Gra-
ham, of the Ramillies, 51

Havana, description of the city of, 225*
Hay, R. W., under secretary, Colonial
office, 116

Haymarket Theatre, “Quite Correct," 110
Hayti: negociations with France, [143];
French decree, [144]; confirmation of
ditto, [145]; proclamation of Presi-
dent Boyer, ib. note; intended insur-
rection, [147]; increased duty on Eng-
lish goods, ib.; trade at Port-au-Prince,
ib. note; proposed defensive alliance
with Colombia, 136*

Hearne, John, tried at Cork, for a rape,
and married to the prosecutrix, 120
Heathcote, sir F., death of, 228
Henniker, sir Fred. death of, 270

Hertz, Rachel, case of, who swallowed

several hundred needles, 241*
Hippesley, sir J. Coxe, death and memoir
of, 246

Hohenlohe, prince, miracle by, 131
Holman, a tailor, case of his refusing to
support his daughter, 78

Horse-racing in France, 36; in Russia,

House of Lords, case of Bayley v. Maule,
59; list of undecided appeals and writs
of error, 186

Howison's "Foreign Scenes," extracts
from, 225; description of the city of
Havana, ib.

Hume, Mr., his motion against the Irish
church establishment, [80]
Hungary meeting of the diet, [155];
speech of the emperor of Austria to the
diet, 92

Huskisson, Mr., motion respecting our
colonial commerce,[89]; ditto abolition
of fees in colonial ports, [104]; ditto on
the Combination laws, [91]; ditto re-
specting the diminution of duties, [106]

Jealousy, singular and dreadful instance
of, in a soldier at Genoa, who, after kill-
ing and wounding several persons, de-
stroys himself, 166

Jerningham, dowager lady, death of, 231
Jeweller, action brought by, to recover
balance of a bill, nonsuited, 12
Jesuits' college at Stonyhurst, 279*
Imports, colonial, at Liverpool, compared

with the rest of Great Britain, 185
Improvements: project for forming a
street between Lincoln's-inn-fields and
Strand, to be called Lincoln's-Inn Place,

India, navigation to, by steam, 171
Inquests: hon. J. H. Stanhope, 3; Red-
mond Barry, 85; J. Tietjen, killed by
an elephant at Exeter Change, 153
Ionian Islands: tranquil state of, [183];
acts relative to ecclesiastical establish-
ment, ib.; change in state of landed
property, ib.

Joint-stock companies, table of, and list
of advertisements of, [2]; proposed bill
relative to, [88]

Josephs, Mr. E., expelled the Stock
Exchange, 121

Ireland: Catholic Association, [1]; see
Parliament; new Catholic Association
formed, [45]; bill for regulating elect-
ive franchise in, [67]; proposed provi-
sion for the Catholic clergy, [69];
committee of the Lords for inquiry into
the state of Ireland, [71]; poverty of
the peasantry, [72]; their dependence

on the landlords, [74]; tythe system,
[75]; abuse of legal proceedings, [76];
civil ejectment bill, [77]; other topics
of investigation, [78]; motion in par-
liament respecting religious animosities,
[79]: state of charter schools, [80];
report of the select committee of the
House of Lords on the state of Ireland,

Iron boat, 133

Islands, discovered, 253*

Isle of Man, disturbances at, on account
of potatoe tithes, 157

Italy: Papal states, [181]; Naples, iš.
Judicial curiosity, 158

Judge, Mr., editor of the Cheltenham
Journal, assaulted by colonel Berkeley,

Judges, regulation of salaries of, [86]; in-
crease of salaries of, in France, 55
Juries, Mr. Peel's bill for amending the
laws relative to, [88]

Kelt, rev. H, death of, 266
Krudener, Mad., death of, 215

Lacepède, count de, naturalist, death and
memoir of, 283

Land, minute division of, in Ireland, 42*
Launch of the "Baron of Renfrew,"
Quebec, 93

Law proceedings, exparte publication of,


Lens, J., death of, 271

Levant company, surrender of charter of,

Libel, action for, against the editor of the
Dublin Star, 20*

Lilford, lord, death of, 266

Lime, oxalate of, its electric powers, 260*
Lincoln's-Inn Place, project of a new street
to be so named, 151

Linquiti, Chevalier, death of, 281
Lion fights at Warwick, Nero, 105;
Wallace, 108

Lisbon, regulations relative to goat-own-
ers, 133

Lists, Sheriffs, 189

Births, 190

Marriages, 195
Promotions, &c., 209
Deaths, 215

General Acts, 315

Local Acts, 321

Liverpool, colonial imports, 185
Liverpool, lord, speech on the Catholic
relief bill, [64]; his conduct with re-
gard to the Catholics animadverted
upon by sir F. Burdett, [79]
Living Skeleton, 239
Loan, Danish, 27

London, consumption of provisions in, 187
Lucerne, M. Keller, a magistrate, murder-
ed at, 156

McElroy, Edw., tried for setting fire to
Mr. Wood's car-house, at Carduffkelly,


Maddock, rev. T., death of, 226

Malines, jubilee in honour of St. Rom-
baut, 115

Manifesto of the emperor Nicholas of
Russia, 96*; of the Greek nation, 106*
Marriage, singular one, of a prisoner tried

for rape, and the prosecutrix, 120
Mars, Mademoiselle, anecdote of, 8
Martyn, rev. Thomas, death of, 255
Mechanical arts, 266*

Mechanics' Institution, London, 77
Meeting at the Mansion House, 169
Meteor in Guelderland, 258*
Mexico: recognition of its independence,
[14]; meeting of congress, and presi-
dent's speech, [199]; treaty of com-
merce with Great Britain proposed to
congress, but not ratified, [205]; close
of the session, and president's speech,
ib.; military defence, navy, judicial
administration, [206]; voluntary sur-
render of two Spanish ships, [208];

surrender of the castle of St. Juan de
Ulloa, ib.; inland navigation, 34
Meyer, Dr. J., death of, 268
Mezzofanti, prof. (celebrated linguist),
account of, 280*

Middleton, explosion of a mine at, 4
Miloradovitsch, prince, shot in an insur-
rection at St. Petersburgh, [162]
Mine, explosion of, at Middleton, 4
Mines in Spanish America, 285*
Mining shares, &c., estimate of payments
on, 48

Ministry, list of, 293

Miracle, effected by prince Hohenlohe,


Miramichi, New Brunswick, dreadful fire
and hurricane at, 135, 174
Missionaries: East Indies, 46; North
America, ib.

Missolonghi, siege of, [191]; surrender
of the fort of Anatolico, [192]
Money-market, panic in, [123]
Monte Video, success of the Independents
against the Imperialists, [179]
Moore's Life of Sheridan, extracts from,

Moretti's fulminating acid, 261*

Morris, Miss, and two other females burnt
to death, 109

Mostyn, lady, killed by her horses running
away, 10

Mountain, Dr., bishop of Quebec, death
of, 263

Muirhead, J. G., tried for misdemeanor,


Murder: Francis Baker, esq., by Mr.
Desha, son of the governor of Kentucky,
18; John Ryan, by his wife and Patrick
Cusack, 28; at Oporto, 33; Frances
Smaller, 37; Mary Ann Hallenborough,
38; at Constantinople, 48; in Switzer-
land, 53; of a sealing party, in New
South Wales, 63; Josephine Duprat
murders her husband, 64; Behier mur-
ders his wife, and a girl, 90; horrible
murder at Paris, 91; Chevalier, 112;
James Read, by his wife, ib.; murder
in the forest of Facq, 134; murder of
M. Keller, 156; singular murder of a
child, by cutting off its head, ib. ; at
Frouquet, 164; in La Bresse, 168; at
Genoa, 166; A. Hogg, 3*

Murray, lieutenant-governor of Demerara,
Mr. Serjeant Rough's petition against,


Musical festivals at York, comparison of
receipts, 1823 and 1825, 131

Naples: death of the king, [181], 218;
reduction of the Austrian troops in the
Two Sicilies, [182]; pretended miracles,
ib.; assassins executed, 55; quarantine
regulations, 80

Natural Philosophy, 228*

Needles, case of a Jewess, at Copenhagen,
who swallowed upwards of 300, 230*
Netherlands: distress occasioned by in-
undations, [148]; speech at the close
of the session of the states-general, ib. ;
decrees for the regulation of education
and the universities, [149]; letter from
the court of Rome to the archbishop of
Mechlin, [150] note; opposition of the
Catholic clergy to the decrees, and
liberality of those of Luxemburg, [150];
new duties imposed by France on the
manufactures of the Netherlands, ib.;
new session of the states-general, [151];
insurrection in Java, [152]; engage-
ment near Samarang, [153]; king's
speech, 89; financial embarrassments
in India, ib.

New Brunswick; fire and hurricane at
Miramichi, 135

Newcomen, lord, death of, 220
New Orleans, gigantic organic remains
discovered near, 247°
Newgate, annual state of, 339
Newspapers, transmission of to the colo-
nies, 110

Nicholas, emperor, see Russia.
Northumberland, duke of, goes to France
as ambassador extraordinary, 59
North West Expedition, court-martial re-

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