H́nh ảnh trang

Of assured reality,

Than was left by Phantasy
Stamp'd and colour'd on my sprite
In a dream of yesternight.

In a bark, methought, lone steering,
I was cast on Ocean's strife;
This, 'twas whisper'd in my hearing,
Meant the sea of Life.

Sad regrets from past existence

Came, like gales of chilling breath;
Shadow'd in the forward distance
Lay the land of Death.

Now seeming more, now less remote,
On that dim-seen shore, methought
I beheld two hands a space
Slow unshroud a spectre's face;
And my flesh's hair upstood-
'Twas mine own similitude.

But my soul revived at seeing
Ocean, like an emerald spark,
Kindle, while an air-dropt being
Smiling steer'd my bark.
Heaven-like-yet he look'd as human
As supernal beauty can,
More compassionate than woman,
Lordly more than man.

And as some sweet clarion's breath
Stirs the soldier's scorn of death-

So his accents bade me brook
The spectre's eyes of icy look,
Till it shut them-turn'd its head,
Like a beaten foe, and fled.

“Types not this,” I said, “fair Spirit'
That my death-hour is not come ?
Say, what days shall I inherit?—
Tell my soul their sum."

"No," he said, "yon phantom's aspect,
Trust me, would appal thee worse,
Held in clearly-measured prospect :—
Ask not for a curse!

Make not, for I overhear

Thine unspoken thoughts as clear

As thy mortal ear could catch

The close-brought tickings of a watch

Make not the untold request

That's now revolving in thy breast.

""Tis to live again, remeasuring
Youth's years, like a scene rehearsed,
In thy second life-time treasuring
Knowledge from the first.

Hast thou felt, poor self-deceiver !
Life's career so void of pain,
As to wish its fitful fever
New begun again?

Could experience, ten times thine,
Pain from Being disentwine-
Threads by Fate together spun?

Could thy flight heaven's lightning shun?
No, nor could thy foresight's glance

'Scape the myriad shafts of Chance.

"Would'st thou bear again Love's trouble-
Friendship's death-dissevered ties;
Toil to grasp or miss the bubble
Of Ambition's prize?

Say thy life's new-guided action

Flow'd from Virtue's fairest springs-
Still, would Envy and Detraction
Double not their stings?

Worth itself is but a charter

To be mankind's distinguished martyr."
-I caught the moral, and cried, "Hail,
Spirit! let us onward sail

Envying, fearing, hating none,

Guardian Spirit, steer me on!"


Newdigate Prize Poem for 1825.

By RICHARD CLARKE SEWELL, of Magdalen College, Oxford.

THE dark pine waves on Tiber's classic steep,
From rock to rock the headlong waters leap,
Tossing their foam on high, till leaf and flower
Glitter, like emeralds, in the sparkling shower:
Lovely-but lovelier from the charms that glow
Where Latium spreads her purple vales below;
The olive, smiling on the sunny hill,
The golden orchard, and the ductile rill,
the spring clear-bubbling in its rocky font,
The moss-grown cave, the Naiad's fabled haunt,
And, far as eye can strain, yon shadowy dome,
The glory of the earth, Eternal Rome.

This, this was Vesta's seat-sublime, alone,
The mountain crag appear'd her Virgin throne,
In all the majesty of Goddess might,

Fann'd by pure gales, and bathed in cloudless light;
Her's was the dash of Anio's sacred tide,

The flame from Heaven's ethereal fount supplied,
And the young forms that trod the marble shrine,
For earth too fair, for mortal too divine.

And, lo! where still ten circling columns rise
High o'er the arching spray's prismatic dyes,
Touch'd, but not marr'd-as time had paused to spare
The wreaths that bloom in lingering beauty there—
E'en where each mouldering wreck might seem to mourn
Her rifted shaft, her lov'd acanthus torn,

Nature's wild flowers in silent sorrows wave
Their votive sweets o'er Art's neglected grave.

But ye who sleep the calm and dreamless sleep,
Where joy forgets to smile, and woe to weep,
For you, blest maids, a long and last repose,
Has still'd each pulse that throbs, each vein that glows;
For oft, too oft, the white and spotless vest
Conceal'd a bleeding heart, an aching breast;
Hope, that with cold despair held feeble strife,
And love that parted but with parting life;
Still would the cheek with human passion burn,
Still would the heart to fond remembrance turn,
Vow all itself to Heaven, but vow in vain,
Sigh for its thoughts, yet sigh to think again.

And thou, Immortal Bard, whose sweetest lays
Were hymn'd in rapture to thy Tiber's praise,
What, though no more the listening vales prolong
The playful echoes of thy Sabine song;

Weep not her olive-groves' deserted shade,

Her princely halls, in silent ruin laid,

Her altars mouldering on a nameless hill-
There all is beauty, all is glory still;

Flowers-yet more bright than Roman maiden wreath'd;
Prayers-yet more pure than virgin priestess breathed ;
A fane-more noble than the vestal trod-

The Christian's temple, to the Christian's God!



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[N. B. The figures with crotchets refer to the History; those with a to the
Appendix to Chronicle, &c.; and the others to the Chronicle.]

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for, 72*
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[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

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