H́nh ảnh trang


5. At St. Sepulchre, Cambridge, the rev. Dacre Barrett Lennard, son of sir Thomas Barrett Lennard, bart. of Belhus, county of Essex, to Rachael Anna, daughter of Jeremiah Innes, esq.

George Meara, esq. of Canaghmore, county of Waterford, to Sarah Catherine daughter of the late hon. Edward and lady Arabella Ward, of Castle Ward, county of Down.

6. At the Ambassador's-chapel, in Paris, Charles D. Broughton, esq. fourth surviving son of the late sir Thomas Broughton, bart. of Doddington-hall, Cheshire, to Caroline, daughter of the late colonel W. Greene, military Auditor-general at Bengal.

8. At the Rectory-church, Mary le-bone, Henry, son of W. Currie, esq. of East Horsley in Surrey, to Emma, daughter of the late lieut.colonel Thomas Knox, 1st regiment of guards.

At St. James's-church, sir W. George Hylton Jolliffe, bart. to Eleanor, second daughter of the hon. Berkeley Pagett.

At St. George's Hanoversquare, Edward Rose Tunno, esq. of Upper Brook-street, to Caroline, daughter of J. M. Raikes, esq. of Portland-place.

11. At St. Swithin's-church, Winchester, the lord bishop of Barbadoes (Dr. Coleridge), to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Rennell, daughter of the very rev. Thomas Rennell, dean of Winchester.

12. At St. James's-church, Lloyd B. Hesketh, esq. to lady Emily Lygon.

15. At Heydon, Norfolk, Henry Handley, esq. M. P. for Heytesbury, to the hon. Caroline Edwardes, eldest daughter of lord Kensington. 17. At Shiplake, the hon. and rev. Frederick Bertie (brother to the earl of Abingdon), to Georgiana Anne Emily, second daughter of rear-adm. lord Mark Kerr.

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youngest daughter of the late William Chalmers, of Glenericht.

19. At Watton-church, Herts, the hon. Alexander Leslie Melville, brother of the earl of Leven and Melville, to Charlotte, daughter of Samuel Smith, esq. M. P.

20. At Wytham, the seat of the earl of Abingdon, John Hodgete Hoggete Foley, esq. M. P. of Prestwood House, Staffordshire, to Charlotte Margaret, daughter of John Gage, esq. of Rogate Lodge, Sussex.

27. At Chelsea, by the bishop of London, sir Francis Shuckburgh, bart. of Shuckburgh Park, Warwickshire, to only daughter of the late Peter Denys, esq. of the pavillion, Hans-place, niece to the earl of Pomfret.


- At Sandel, W. C. B. Cave, esq. son of sir William Cave, bart. of Stretton Hall, Derbyshire, to Mary, eldest daughter of the rev. T. Westmoreland, of Sandal Magna.

29. At the Vice-regal Lodge, Dublin, the lord-lieutenant of Ireland, to Mrs. Paterson, an American lady of great fortune, and a Catholic. The ceremony was performed, in the first instance, by his grace the lord primate. The bride was given away by the bishop of Raphoe, and the marriage was afterwards solemnized by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin.

30. At St. James's-church, lord Charles Fitzroy, second son of the duke of Grafton, to the eldest daughter of lord G. H. Cavendish.

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George Gataker, esq. of Mildenhall, to Eliz., third daughter of Thomas Wilkinson, esq. of Nether Hall.

6. At Melcombe Regis, Edward Smith Delamain, esq. 67th regiment to Jessie Anna, daughter of the late Robert Waugh, esq.

8. At Topsham, Devon, Adam, son of David Gordon, esq. of Abergeldie, N. B. and Dulwich, Surrey, to Susan, daughter of the late rev. John Swete, of Oxton House, Devon.

At Dunham Massey, sir John Walsh, bart. of Warfield, Berks, to lady Jane Grey, youngest daughter of earl Stamford and Warrington.

At Marylebone, sir John Tho. Claridge, recorder of prince of Wales Island, to Miss Scott, eldest daughter of vice-adm. Scott.

At lord Arden's, Nork, near Epsom, sir William Heathcote, bart. of Hursley Park, Hants, to the hon. Car. Frances Perceval, daughter of lord Arden.

10. At St. George, Hanover-sq., the rev. Thomas Shreiber, rector of Bradwell, Essex, to Sarah, third daughter of rear-adm. Bingham.

At Broad Hinton, near Marlborough, John Mathews Richards, esq. of Roath Hall, near Cardiff, to Arabella, daughter of Thomas Calley, esq. of Burderop Park, Wilts.

12. At Pancras New Church, Garrett Dillon, esq. of Fitzroysquare to Eliza Frances, eldest daughter of John Plura, esq. of Bath.

Richard Elwes, esq. of Stoke Park, Suffolk, to Cath. eldest daughter of Isaac Elton, esq. of Stapelton House, Gloucester.

14. At Minto, Roxburghshire, J. P. Boileau, jun. esq. of Mortlake, Surrey, to lady Cath. Elliott, daughter of the late earl Minto.

At Naples, sir James Carnegie, of Southesk, bart. to Charlotte, daughter of the rev. D. Lysons, of Hempsted Court, Glouc.

At Harberton, Devon, C. Anthony, esq. of the Mall, Clifton, to Thomason, daughter of the late Edmond Browne, esq. of Blakemore.

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At Alderley, Cheshire, Robert Phillips, esq. of Heybridge, to Letitia, daughter of William Hibbert, esq. of Hare Hill.

At Wandsworth, Orbyn Lloyd, esq. of Lombard-street, banker, to Emily, daughter of John Falconer Atlee, esq. of West Hall, Wandsworth.

18. Lloyd Salisbury_Baxendale, esq. of Queen-square, Bloomsbury, to Ellen, daughter of Richard Salisbury, of Herne Hill.

19. At St. George's, Hanoversquare, lord Headley, to Miss Matthews.

-At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Richard Bethell, esq. barrister, and fellow of Wadham, to Eleanor Mary, daughter of Robert Abraham, esq. of Kepple-street, Russell-square.

21. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, I. Charles Wright, esq. eldest son of Ichabod Wright, of Mapperley, Notts. to Theodocia, eldest daughter of Thomas Denman, esq. M. P.

22. At Chester, rev. E. Duncombe, to Susan, only daughter of the late rev. C. Mainwaring, of Oteley Park, Shropshire.

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24. Richard, son of H. Smith, esq. of Peckham, to Mary, daughter of the rev. E. R. Williamson, of Catmpon, Beds.

At Rosehill, Hants, col. Thackeray, Royal Engineers to lady Eliz. Carnegie, daughter of the earl of Northesk.

Lately, At Clifton, Edward Martin, esq. to Eliz. D. daughter of the late Richard Zouch, of the Irish treasury, cousin to earl of Lonsdale, and niece to Dr. Zouch, late prebendary of Durham.

At Sandon, Staffordshire, Stuart Wortley, jun. son of the member for Yorkshire, to lady Georgiana, daughter of the earl of Harrowby.


1. Donald, son of Alexander Tullock, esq. of Charles-street, St. James's-square, to Anna, daughter of the late Christopher Foss, esq. of Portman-street.

At Bath, John Ormond, esq. of Belmont, to Eliz., daughter of the late H. Church, esq. of Twicken


At St. Mary's, Mary-le-bone, baron Lorentz, to Miss Mills, daughter of the late James Mills, esq. of Jamaica.

John Fell, esq. of Alverstone, banker, to Isabella, daughter of Samuel Gregson, esq. of Lancaster. 3. Alexander Robert Sutherland, M. D. of Parliament-street, Maria, daughter of H. L. Thomas, esq. of Leicester-place.


5. At Southampton, capt. Anderson, R. N. to Miss Brett.

At Cheltenham, George Best Robinson, esq. eldest son of sir G. Abercrombie Robinson, bart. to Louisa, daughter of the late maj.gen. Douglas.

At dowager lady Saltoun's cottage, near Inverness, William Macdowall Grant, esq. to hon. Miss Eleanor Frazer.

17. In London, baron de Kolli, to Miss Marian Hammersley, formerly of the Liverpool theatre.


esq. only son of col. Bamston, to 20. At Chester, Roger Bamston, Selina, daughter of Dr. William Thackeray.

Smith Marriott, of Trinity college, 29. At Benenden, rev W. Marriott Cambridge, son of sir John Wildof Horsemonden, Kent, to Julia bore Smith, of Dorsetshire, rector Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas L. Hodges, esq. of Hemsted.



GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. 4. J. H. Forbes, esq. lord of session in Scotland, vice sir A. Campbell, res.

Foot: lieut -col. H. Sullivan, to be 14. War-office. - 6th regiment lieut.-col. vice Gardiner, ret.

Muller to be lieut.-col. vice Sullivan. Ceylon regiment: lieut.-col. H. F. 17. Admiral sir Edward Thornborough, and adm. sir Eliab Harvey, bath.-Rear-admiral W. C. Fahie, to be knights grand crosses of the to be K. C. B.

Sydney, viscount Strangford, am22. Right hon. Percy Clinton bassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the Ottoman Porte,created by patent a baron of Great Britain and Ireland, by the title of baron Penshurst, of Penshurst co. Kent, to him and his heirs male.

lieut.-col. James Florence de Burgh 24. War-office.-2nd foot, brevet to be lieut.-col.-Capt. John Johnstone to be major.

31st ditto: lieut.-col. Jas. Cassidy to be lieut.-col.

NAVAL PROMOTIONS. Commanders to be post captains.-William Simpson, Robert Heriot Barclay, Alexander Dundas Young Arbuthnot.

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Rev. E. J. Crawley, chaplain to the household of the duke of Clarence. Rev. J. Sandford, chaplain to the marquis of Queensbury.

Rev. E. J. Keane, chaplain to the colony of New South Wales and dependencies.

Donegal County.-Earl of Mount Charles, vice his brother, deceased. Newport.-Hon. John Stuart, 2nd son of the earl of Moray, vice Holmes, deceased.



7. War-office.-4th batt. Local Militia, of East Riding, county of York, John Broadley, esq. to be lieut.-col.-comm. vice Wray, dec.Earl of Kellie to be colonel of the

Fifeshire Militia, vice earl of Morton, resigned.

8. Foreign-office.-The duke of Northumberland, K. G. ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the king of France, on occasion of his coronation.

Right hon. Frederick Lamb, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary at the Court of his most Catholic majesty.

11. War-office.-2nd foot: lieut.col. John Williams, from half-pay, to be lieut.-col. vice De Burgh.

26. Edward Cromwell Disbrowe, esq. late secretary to his majesty's legation, and chargé d'Affaires in Switzerland, to be secretary to the embassy at St. Petersburgh.

Hon. William Henry Fox-Strangways to be secretary to his majesty's legation at Florence.


G. W. Ricketts, esq. puisne judge at Madras ; since knighted.

G. Franks, esq. puisne judge at Calcutta.

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23. Carlton House.-Sir Thomas Phillips, of Middle-hill, bart. to be sheriff of Worcestershire; and F. Roberts, of Gerddibluog, to be sheriff of Merionethshire.

The duke of Northumberland, and right hon. Charles Vaughan, sworn of his majesty's privy council.

25. Office of Ordnance-Corps of Royal Engineers: major general

MEMBERS RETURNED TO PAKLIA- Humfray to be col. To be colonels:


Brackley.James Bradshaw, esq. captain R. N. vice Wrottesley, dec. Bramber.-Hon. Arthur Gough Calthorpe, viceWilberforce, Chiltern Hundreds.

lieut.-col. E. Durnford, and G. Whitmore. To be lieutenant-cols. : brevet majors T. Fyers, H. M. G. Vigoreaux, and G. Buchanan, col. C. G. Ellicombe; brevet major E. Fanshaw; brevet lieut.-col. Macleod; brevet major Douglas.

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2. Office of Ordnance.-Royal reg. of Artillery: sir A. Dickson, K. C.B. tobe lieut.-col.-Brevet majorRogers to be major.

Lieutenant-colonel Fearon of the 31st foot, to be a companion of the Order of the Bath.


Whitehall. . Nevinson de Courcey, esq. post captain, R. N. and Samuel Edward Cook, commandant, to wear the insignia of honorary knights commanders of the royal military Order of the Tower and Sword.

5. Captain Dashwood, to wear the insignia of a knight grand cross, and captain Elliot, of the Lively, that of a knight commander of the Portuguese Order of the Tower and Sword.

8. War-office.-27th regiment of foot, brevet lieut.-col. Hare to be lieut.-col.

Major De Bathe, from the 85th foot, to be lieut.-col. of Infantry. 9. Office of Ordnance. Royal Engineers: brevet major Cunningham to be lieut.-col.


10 Lord Chamberlain's Office.Windsor Edwin Baynton Sandys, esq. eldest son of sir Edwin B. Sandys, bart. knighted.

12. Sir W. Clinton to be lieut.general of the Ordnance.

Lord Forbes to be high commissioner to the general assembly of the Church of Scotland.

19. Foreign-office. Sir Richard Clayton, bart. to be his majesty's consul at Nantes, and the ports and places in the departments of the Lower Loire and of La Vendée.

Captain Edward Brace, R. N. to wear the insignia of the royal Sardinian military Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazare.

Lieuts. W. Walker, J. Somerville, C. R. Dashwood, E. Pitts, and J. De Courcey Dashwood, and R. Purkis Hillyar, M. D. surgeon, all of his majesty's ship Windsor Castle, to wear the insignia of a knight of

the royal Portuguese military Order of the Tower and Sword.

Sir T. J. Cochrane, knight, capt. in R. N. to be governor and commander-in-chief of the island of Newfoundland and its dependencies.


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9. Whitehall.-William Woods, esq. Bluemantle, to be Norfolk herald extraordinary.

13. War-office.-Coldstream Gds: captain C. Shawe, to be captain and lieutenant-colonel.

50th foot brevet, lieut.-col. J. Campbell to be major.

80th foot: lieut.-general sir R. S. Donkin, K. C. B. to be colonel.

Cape Corps : lieutenant-col. H. Somerset, to be lieutenant-colonel. Unattached.-Captain J. Simpson to be lieut.-col. of Infantry.

Brevet.-M. W. Forest, of the East India Company's service, to be lieut.-col. in the East Indies only.

Staff: Major D. M'Dougall to be inspecting field officer of Militia in Nova Scotia, with the rank of lieut.col.

14. Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, K. C. B. to be a peer of Ireland by the title of baron Bloomfield, of Oakhampton and Redwood, county of Tipperary.

24. Viscount Strangford, K.B. to be ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the emperor of Russia.

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