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7. The lady of George Bishop, esq. a son.

11. The lady of D. E. Morris, esq. Pall Mall east, a daughter.

12. The lady of the hon. Henley Eden, a son and heir.

13. At Roehampton, the lady of C. G. Wynne, esq. a son.

14. The lady of capt. Slegg, of the Royal Dragoons, a son.

The lady of R. Gurney, esq. of the Inner Temple, a son. 15. The lady Charlotte Berkeley, a daughter.

-The lady of J. H. Tremaine, esq. M. P. a son.

The lady of S. Burn, esq. King's-street, Cheapside, a daugh


16. At Norwood, the lady of Francis Tuke, esq. a son.

19. At Walton House, in the county of Cumberland, the lady of W. Ponsonby, esq. a daughter.

22. In Lower Brook-street, the hon. Mrs. Barrington, a son.


In Gower-street, Bedfordsquare, the lady of Thomas Wyatt, esq. of Prickler's Hill, Hertfordshire, a daughter.

23. The lady of H. C. Berkeley, esq. of Montague-street, Russellsquare, a son.

The lady of colonel Chichester Crookshanks, a son.

25. At Bath, the lady of the hon. and rev. Francis Howard, a son and heir.

26. In Edinburgh, the lady of sir James Milles Riddell, bart. a son.

27. At his house, Great Russell street, Bloomsbury, the lady of James Loch, esq. a son.

28. At Canterbury, the hon. Mrs. J. Boscawen, a daughter. 29. In Torrington-square, Mrs. Mercier, a daughter.

30. At his lordship's house, in Connaught-place, the marchioness of Exeter, a son and heir.

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In Bernard-street, Russellsquare, the lady of F. G. Francis, esq. a son.

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9. The lady of R. Bernal, esq. M. P. Park Crescent, a son.

10. At Walton Castle, the lady of John Coulson, esq. a son.

12. At Friar's-place, near Acton, the lady of Charles B. Curtis, esq. a daughter.

13. In Grosvenor-square, the lady of Calthorpe, a son.

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19. The lady of R. Frankland, esq. M. P. a daughter.

20. In Upper Portland-place, the lady of H. St. John Tucker, esq. a daughter.

At his house, in York-place, Portman-square, the lady of Henry Charles Hoare, esq. a son.

At his seat in Herefordshire, the lady of sir George Cornwall, bart. a daughter.

21. At Sibton, Kent, the lady of John Uniacke, esq. a daughter.

The marchioness of Anglesea, a daughter.

23. At the Royal Military Asylum, Southampton, the lady of lieut.-col. Evatt, a daughter.

26. At Roehampton, the right hon. lady Gifford, a son.

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In Harley-street, the lady of lieut.-general sir George Townshend Walker, G. C. B. a son.

27. At Ranger's Lodge, Oxfordshire, the lady of sir Henry Lambert, bart a son.

28. At Stadwyck, near Leyden, the seat of the hon. A. V. Alphen,


the lady of James Du Puy, esq. a


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31. The hon. Mrs. Carleton, a daughter.


1. At Hampton Court Palace, the lady of the rev. George Fauquier, a daughter.

2. The lady of Henry Rouse, esq. Montague-street, Russel-square, a


3. The lady of Dr. Seymour, George-street, Hanover-square, a daughter.

In Stratton-street, the lady of Samuel Whitbread, esq. M. P. a daughter.

The lady of Frederick Tyrrell,

esq. a son.

5. At his lordship's house, in Upper Brook-street, the countess of Kinnoul, a daughter.

7. At Collier's Wood, in the county of Surrey, the lady of Boyd Miller, esq. a son.

8. At Forest Hill, near Windsor, the lady of W. F. Riley, esq. a daughter.

10. At High Wycombe, the hon. Mrs. Crewe, a daughter. -In New-street, Spring-gardens, lady Maria West, a daughter.

11. In Montague-place, the lady of Thomas Abbel, esq. a son.

12. In Gloucester-place, the lady of the very rev. Dr. Calvert, warden of Manchester, a son and heir.

14. The lady of Alfred Chapman, esq. a daughter.

15. The lady of O. S. Reynolds,

esq. a son.

The lady of Ashby Smith, M. D. a daughter.

19. At Edinburgh, the lady of sir John J. Scott Douglas, bart. a son and heir.

21. At Dundalk, the lady of Dr. Barry, Royal Dragoons, a son. 24. At Ramsgate, the lady of H. VOL. LXVII.

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28. At the Residentiary House, the lady of the rev. Wm. V. Vernon, Canon Residentiary of York Cathedral, and son of his Grace the Archbishop, a son and heir.

the lady of captain J. Patterson, a son. At Overlegh Hall, near Chester,

Mrs. Ryder, lady of the hon. and 29. At Eccleshall Castle, the hon. right rev. the lord bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, a son.

kerke, esq. of Julians, Herts, a 30. The lady of Adolphus Meetdaughter.

dilly, lady Jane Peel, a daughter. Lately, in Stratton-street, PiccaJULY.

lane, the marchioness of London2. At Holdernesse House, Parkderry, a son.

Mrs. Rodwell, a son.
5. At Alderton Hall, Suffolk,

the lady of T. B. Ricketts, esq. a son.
13. At Combe, Herefordshire,
15. The lady of rev. R. Clowes,
vicar of Knutsford, a daughter.

17. At Burroughs Hill, Hendon,
Willis, of Redburn, a daughter.
the right hon. lady Mary Isabella

W. Sutton, a son.
18. At Elton, Durham, Mrs. G.

shire, the lady of John Ditmas, esq.
19. At Walkington Lodge, York-
of twins.

shire, lady Mary Hamlyn Williams, At Edwinsford, Carmarthena daughter.

20. At Rushden Hall, the lady of Thomas Williams, esq. high sheriff of Northamptonshire, a son. Hercules-Langford Rowley (eldest 24. At Paris, the lady of hon. son of lord Langford), a son and heir,

ter, the lady of Edw. Mount Gale, 30. At Morestead, near Winchesesq. a son.

Lately, at Garboldisham, Nor

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folk, the marchioness of Blandford,

a son.


1. At Forston House, near Dorchester, the lady of George Peach, esq. a son and heir.

4. At Goldsboro' Hall, Yorkshire, lady Louisa Lascelles, a son. 5. At Radway, Warwickshire, the lady of lieut.-col. F. S. Miller, C. B.

a son.

- At Scarborough, the lady of Charles Winn, esq. of Nostel Priory, twin daughters.

8. In Hamilton-place, countess Gower, a daughter.

At Shugborough, viscountess Anson, a son and heir.

The lady of W. Hulton, esq. of Hulton Park, a son.

12. In Upper Grosvenor-street, the lady of sir Gore Ouseley, bart. a son and heir.

15. At Nuttal Hall, county Lanc. the lady of J. Grant, esq. a son and heir.

18. At the Vicarage House, Tunstall, Lancashire, the lady of the rev. W. Carus Wilson, a son.

20. The lady of Christopher James Magnay, esq. a son. 23. At Wistow Hall, Leic. Mrs. Henry Halford, a daughter.

At Carlton Hall, Northampt. hon. lady Palmer, a son.

The lady of Joseph Feilden, esq. of Whitton House near Manchester, a son.


1. In Stratford-place, the lady of J. A. Warre, esq. a son.

6. The lady of the rev. Dr. Goodenough, a daughter.

11. At Alexandria, in Piedmont, Madame la Marquise de Faverge, a daughter.

13. At Aberystwith, the lady of Morgan John Evans, esq. of Llwynbarried, Radnorshire, a son.

16. At Tunbridge Wells, the lady of Henry Alexander, esq. a daugh. 17. In Mount-street, Grosvenorsquare, the lady of sir Richard Twincham, a daughter.

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1. In Norfolk-street, Park-lane, London, lady Combermere, a daugh. 3. At Bagborough House, Somerset, Mrs. Francis Popham, a daugh. 5. In Brownlow-street, Liverpool, the lady of capt. Wm. Sage, a daugh. 9. At Wadley House, Farringdon, Berks, Mrs. H. Weyland Powell, a daughter.

13. At Compton House, Farringdon, the lady of capt. W. B. Dashwood, R. N. a daughter.

17. At Howsham, Yorkshire, the lady of G. Cholmely, esq. a daugh. 18. The lady of James Woodford, esq. of Devonshire-street, Portlandplace, a son.

Lady Burghersh, a son.

19. In Somerset-street, Portmansquare, Mrs. C. H. Pilgrim, a son. 28. The lady of Geo. Smith, esq. of Armin Pastures, a son.

29. At Connaught-place, the lady of Jos. Smyth Wyndham, esq. of Wawne, in Holderness, a son and heir.

30. The lady of rev. R. Remmington, of Manchester, a son.

At Combe House, the lady of Geo. Hilhouse, esq. a daughter.


1. At Iberuden, the lady of C. Tylden, Pattenson, esq. a daughter.

1. At Dawlish, the lady of D. Geale, esq. a daughter.

2. At Canterbury, the lady of Arthur Davies, esq.1st Drag. guards,

a son.

3. At the Vicarage, Leyland, the lady of rev. G. Baldwin, a daugh


At Hull, the lady of major Cairnes, 56th regt. a daughter.

At Howden, the lady of R. A. Worsop, esq. a daughter.

5. At Brandsby Hall, Yorkshire, the lady of Francis Cholmeley, esq. a son.

10. At his lordship's house, in London, the lady of the right rev. the lord bishop of Chester, a son.


The lady of C. R. Pole, esq. Nottingham-place, a daughter. 15. At Liverpool, the lady of Wm. Rutson, esq. a son.

17. At East Sheen, Surrey, the hon. Mrs. Penrhyn (daughter of lord Stanley), a daughter.

20. The lady of J. H. Markland, esq. of Gower-street, a daughter. At Wheatley, county, York, the lady of sir W. B. Cooke, bart. a daughter.

24. At Longcroft Hall, Staffordshire, the lady of the late W. W. Fell, esq. barrister-at-law, a son.

Lately, Mrs. Monk, lady of the very rev. the dean of Peterborough, a daughter.

At Norfolk House, the countess of Surrey, a son.



3. At York, Robert Mansel, esq. 6th Dragoons, to Maria, daughter of William Armstrong, esq. of same regiment.

4. At Paris, John Bulkeley, esq. to Sarah Mary, daughter of the late Parr Bulkeley, esq.

C. Barker, M. A. to Caroline, daughter of Theophilus Richards, esq. of Edgbaston.

6. Charles Frederick Biggs, esq. of Blackheath, to Frances, daughter


of J. Gray, esq. of the Grove, Stratford, Essex.

6. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, capt. Patrick Campbell, C. B. of H. M. S. Ganges, to Margaret, daughter of the late A. Wauchope, esq. of Niddrie Marischall, col. Edinburgh.

At Plympton, Devon, the rev. John Collier Jones, D. D. rector of Ex. Coll. Oxford, to Charlotte, daughter of the late rev. Duke Yonge, of Cornwood, and widow of the late capt. G. Crawley, R. N.

8. At Wooton, lieut.-col. Ogilvie, 46th regiment, to Janet Rebecca, daughter of J. A. Ogilvie, esq. Tanhurst, Surrey.

11. T. Barton Bowen, esq. of Portman-street, to Charlotte, daughter of the late W. Chaloner, esq. of Guisborough, Yorkshire.

Mich. Warren, esq. of Sandford's-court, county Kilkenny, to Sarah, only daughter of Millington Eaton Swittenham, esq. of Swittenham Hall.

13. At Bristol, Richard Hunt, jun. esq. to Emmeline Mary, daughter of Jacob Elton, esq. of Bristol, and niece of the late adiniral sir William Young.

17. Lieut. H. Lawless, R. N. to Miss Catherine Gask, of Bury-street,

St. James's.

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maine, Castle Hill Lodge, Reading, Berks.

20. At Greenwich, L. Leake, of Stoke Newington, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of George Walpole, esq. of Croom's Hill.

By special licence, colonel sir John Sinclair, bart. of Dunheath, to Miss Sarah Charlotte Carter.

At Worcester, capt. C. O. Aveline, of the hon.East India Company's service, to Eliza, eldest daughter of A. Maund, esq. of Worcester.

24. Philip Thomas Wykeham, esq. of Tythrop House, Oxfordshire, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of F. Wykeham Martin, esq. of Leed's Castle, Kent.

25. At Tynemouth, Northumberland, William Clark Wright, esq. eldest son of John Wright, esq. of Walls End, in that county, to Charlotte Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Joshua Parr, of Pentrepark, Carmarthenshire.

26. At Norfolk, Charles Loftus, esq. third son of general and lady Elizabeth Loftus, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late colonel John Dixon.

At Litchfield, Bructon Gibbons, esq. of Birches Green, near Birmingham, to Eliza Lucy, youngest daughter of the late Charles Leonard, esq. of Hampstead, Staffordshire.

27. Francis Frederick Rougemont, esq. of Dulwich, to Marianne, youngest daughter of Alexander Glennie, esq. of Great James-street.

The rev. William Hutton Wilkinson, B. A. of St. John's-college, Cambridge, and of Nether Hall, Suffolk, to Eliza Caroline, daughter of G. B. Tyndale, esq. of Lincoln's-inn-fields.

31. Capt. the hon. Walter Forbes, Coldstream-guards, second son of the right hon. lord Forbes, to Horatio, daughter of sir John Gregory Shaw, bart. of Kenward, in the county of Kent.


1. At Plymouth, major Holtwell, R. A. to Amelia, daughter of the

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