The History of England: From the Earliest Times to the Death of George II.

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T. Davies, 1771
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Trang 198 - Above a hundred and forty young noblemen of the principal families of England and Normandy were lost on this occasion. A butcher of Rouen was the only person on board who escaped ;' he clung to the mast, and was taken up next morning by fishermen.
Trang 22 - Suetonius in a great and decisive battle, where 80,000 of the Britons are said to have perished; and Boadicea herself, rather than fall into the hands of the enraged victor, put an end to her own life by poison.
Trang 45 - Essex, Middlesex, and part of Hertfordshire. This kingdom, which •was dismembered from that of Kent, formed the fifth Saxon principality founded in Britain. The kingdom of Mercia was the sixth which was established by these fierce invaders, comprehending all the middle counties, from the banks of the Severn to the frontiers of the two last named kingdoms.
Trang 297 - What have you done to me?" replied coolly the prisoner: "you killed with your own hands my father, and my two brothers; and you intended to have hanged myself: I am now in your power, and you may take revenge by inflicting...
Trang 335 - No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or dispossessed of his free tenement and liberties, or outlawed, or banished, or anywise hurt or injured, unless by the legal judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land...
Trang 316 - The next gradation of papal sentences was to absolve John's subjects from their oaths of fidelity and allegiance, and to declare every one excommunicated who had any commerce with him in public or in private ; at his table, in his council, or even in private conversation : And this sentence was accordingly, with all imaginable solemnity, pronounced against him.
Trang 198 - Henry entertained hopes for three days, that his son had put into some distant port of England; but when certain intelligence of the calamity was brought to him, he fainted away; and it was remarked that he never after was seen to smile, nor ever recovered his wonted cheerfulness.
Trang 311 - ... implied in it. He begged him to consider seriously the form of the rings, their number, their matter, and their colour. Their form, he said, being round, shadowed out eternity, which had neither beginning nor end ; and he ought thence to learn his duty of aspiring from earthly objects to heavenly, from things temporal to things eternal.
Trang 383 - At last, overcome by the cares of government and the infirmities of age, he visibly declined, and he expired at St.
Trang 320 - III. and his successors, the Kingdom of England and all other prerogatives of my crown. I will hereafter hold them as the Pope's vassal.

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