The Historical Romances of Louisa Mühlbach: Andreas Hofer

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Lamb Publishing Company, 1914
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Trang 30 - Maret, his minister of foreign affairs, and dispatched eighty-four messages in different directions, with orders to concentrate his forces in Germany, and call out the full contingents of the Rhenish Confederacy. His own troops and these German Contingents are to form an army to which he intends to give the name of ' the German Army of the Emperor Napoleon.
Trang 356 - If we had been good Christians latterly we should never have defeated the enemy," growled the Capuchin, shaking his head. " If we were good Christians, we should have to love our enemies, do good to them that hate us, and pray for those who despitefully use us and persecute us.
Trang 472 - ... had set upon their heads. Joseph Speckbacher, for whom the soldiers were hunting most eagerly, had disappeared. The French and Bavarians ransacked every house where they suspected he might be concealed ; they inflicted the heaviest fines and most cruel tortures on the friends of the fugitive chief, because they would not betray the place where their beloved commander was concealed ; but all was in vain. Joseph Speckbacher had disappeared, and so had Father Haspinger and Anthony Wallner.* * Speckbacher...
Trang 417 - Yes, sir, I really love you," said Eliza, solemnly. " You will find it out this very day. Will you promise me now to conceal our plan from every one, and let me make all necessary arrangements ? " " I do, my sweet girl. Tell me what I am to do, and I will obey you silently and unconditionally.
Trang 354 - For long the contest was undecided,— the superior discipline and admirable artillery of the enemy prevailing over the impetuous but disorderly assaults and deadly aim of the mountaineers. But, towards nightfall, the bridge of the Sill was carried after a desperate struggle; and their left flank being thus turned, the French and Bavarians gave way on all sides, and were pursued with great slaughter into the town.
Trang 240 - Wash them as much as you please, Schropfel, but come down to supper," cried Eliza, hastening down-stairs with the agility of a bird. Schropfel looked after her, shaking his head ; he then locked the door, put the key in his pocket, and placed the heavy iron-bound box against the door. " And before going to bed I shall unchain Phylax," he said, as if to console himself, while he was going slowly and stiffly down-stairs.
Trang 60 - Lass in Seinem Rathe sitzen, Weisheit, Klugheit, Redlichkeit? Und mit Seiner Hoheit Blitzen Schalten nur Gerechtigkeit! Gott! erhalte Franz den Kaiser, Unfein guten Kaiser Franz!

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