Conversations with Goethe in the Last Years of His Life

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Hilliard, Gray,, 1839 - 414 trang
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Trang 405 - Was war ein Gott, der nur von außen stieße, Im Kreis das All am Finger laufen ließe! Ihm ziemt's, die Welt im Innern zu bewegen, Natur in Sich, Sich in Natur zu hegen, So daß, was in Ihm lebt und webt und ist, Nie Seine Kraft, nie Seinen Geist vermißt.
Trang 131 - Thou seem'st to me like Saul, the son of Kish, who went out to seek his father's asses, and found a kingdom.
Trang 86 - This occupation with the ideas of immortality," he continued, "is for people of rank, and especially ladies, who have nothing to do. But an able man, who has something regular to do here, and must toil and struggle and produce day by day, leaves the future world to itself, and is active and useful in this.
Trang 147 - People are always talking about originality ; but what do they mean ? As soon as we are born, the world begins to work upon us, and this goes on to the end. And, after all, what can we call our own except energy, strength, and will ? If I could give an account of all that I owe to great predecessors and contemporaries, there would be but a small balance in my favour.
Trang 129 - What is there is mine,' he should have said, ' and whether I got it from a book or from life, is of no consequence ; the only point is, whether I have made a right use of it.
Trang 208 - To-day Goethe spoke severely of certain critics, who were not satisfied with Lessing, and made unjust demands upon him. " When people," said he, " compare the pieces of Lessing with those of the ancients, and call them paltry and miserable, what do they mean?
Trang 383 - Roy,' and will read his best novels in succession. All is great — material, import, characters, execution ; and then what infinite diligence in the preparatory studies ! what truth of detail in the execution ! We see, too, what English history is ; and what a thing it is when such an inheritance falls to the lot of a clever poet.
Trang xvi - In reply to those who object to him that he is not Schiller, it may be remarked that Shakspeare was not Milton, nor Ariosto Tasso. It was, indeed, unnecessary that there should be two Schillers, one being sufficient to represent a certain class of thoughts and opinions. It would be well if the admirers of Schiller would learn from him to admire and profit by his friend and coadjutor, as he himself did.
Trang 132 - Tell, abruptly break an apple from the tree, and have it shot from the boy's head. This was quite against my nature, and I urged him to give at least some motive to this barbarity, by making the boy boast to Gessler of his father's dexterity, and say that he could shoot an apple from a tree at a hundred paces.
Trang 108 - I am fully convinced that the soul is indestructible, and that its activity will continue through eternity. It is like the sun, which, to our eyes, seems to set in night ; but it has in reality only gone to diffuse its light elsewhere.

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