Cobbett's Weekly Register, Tập 42

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William Cobbett
J.M. Cobbett, 1822
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Trang 9 - From a similar principle to which, though the forest laws are now mitigated, and by degrees grown entirely obsolete, yet from this root has sprung up a bastard slip, known by the name of the game law, now arrived to and wantoning in its highest vigour: both founded upon the same unreasonable notions of permanent property in wild creatures; and both productive of the same tyranny to the commons : but with this difference; that the...
Trang 9 - ... of forest laws imported from the continent, whereby the slaughter of a beast was made almost as penal as the death of a man. In the Saxon times, though no man was allowed to kill or chase the king's deer, yet he might start any game, pursue and kill it upon his own estate. But the rigour of these new constitutions vested the sole property of all the game in England in the king alone; and no man was entitled to disturb any fowl of the air, or any beast of the field, of such kinds as were specially...
Trang 55 - ... the universal rule of allowing all articles, as much as possible, to find their own natural level, by leaving the supply to adjust ' itself to the demand, discourage your committee from recommending it, even under this extraordinary emergency, and with all the guards and qualifications of a temporary expedient. But with regard to the second, although much less efficacious in its operation, the...
Trang 779 - England beyond the time to which it is at present limited by law," was agreed to. The second resolution, namely, " That it is expedient that a definite period should be fixed for the termination of the restriction on cash payments; and that preparatory measures should be taken, with a view to facilitate and ensure, on the arrival of that period, the payment of the promissory notes of the Bank of England in the legal coin of the realm,
Trang 501 - I owe any thing, to such man I first say, that I despise him from the bottom of my soul ; and then I say, that if he dare meet me before the world in open and written charge, I pledge myself to cover him with as much shame and infamy as that world can be brought to deign to bestow upon so contemptible a being.
Trang 7 - All these things, so long as they remain in possession, every man has a right to enjoy without disturbance ; but if once they escape from his custody, or he voluntarily abandons the use of them, they return to the common stock, and any man else has an equal right to seize and enjoy them afterwards.
Trang 159 - im" plored his Honourable friend " not to divide the House." At last Mr. CRIPPS consented, and Mr. CANNING concluded with these words, " it "is the unanimous " determination of Parliament ' that the country shall return to " the ancient standard of value in " the establishment of a metallic " currency." LOUD AND UNIVERSAL CHEERS ! Thus, Sir, I have taken a little sketch of the history of the passing. of the Bill. When the session of parliament ended; the Speaker congratulated the Regent, now King,...
Trang 63 - ... speculation, in endeavouring to raise or depress those averages, and render immaterial those inaccuracies which, from management or negligence, have occasionally produced, and may again produce, such mischievous effects upon our market : but your committee rather look forward to such a system as fit to be kept in view for the ultimate tendency of our law, than as practicable within any short or definite period.
Trang 59 - The excessive inconvenience and impolicy of our present system have been so fully treated and so satisfactorily exposed in the report already alluded to (pp. 10 and 12,) that it is unnecessary to do more than to refer to it, adding only, that every thing which has happened subsequent to the presentation of that report, as well as all our experience since 1815, has more and more tended to demonstrate how little reliance can be placed upon a regulation which contains an absolute prohibition up to a...

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