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[Representing the Chemical Society and the Society of Chemical Industry]

Chairman: J. C. PHILIP, O.B.E., D.Sc., F.R.S.

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Offices of the Bureau: CENTRAL HOUSE, 46, FINSBURY SQUARE, LONDON, E.C. 2.






The month of January, 1926, marks a further stage in the co-operation of the Chemical Society and the Society of Chemical Industry in connexion with the publication of abstracts. From now onwards, the "A" abstracts, dealing with pure chemistry, and the "B" abstracts, dealing with applied chemistry, will appear in the same double-column quarto format, and in uniform type. The overlap which has hitherto existed as between the two sets of abstracts will be eliminated, and any given paper will be reported in only one of the two sections.

These arrangements make possible the preparation of a single annual index covering the abstracts in both pure and applied chemistry, and this index will be supplied (without additional charge) to all who receive the "A" section, or the "B" section, or both. The Bureau of Chemical Abstracts, which has been entrusted by the two Societies with the management of the abstracts, is confident that the number of subscribers to both sections will steadily increase, for the advantage of a complete and homogeneous volume of abstracts with a single annual index must be apparent to all who desire to follow the publication of new knowledge in chemistry.

The "A" section of the abstracts will be issued to Fellows of the Chemical Society and other subscribers at the end of each month as hitherto, whilst the "B" section will appear fortnightly and will be circulated along with the Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry to members of that Society and to special subscribers. It is the aim of the Bureau to issue as promptly as possible trustworthy abstracts of all papers of chemical interest.

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The price of the "A" and the "B" sections is £3 10s. Od. each per annum, but Fellows of the Chemical Society may obtain the B" abstracts for £2 28. Od., whilst Members of the Society of Chemical Industry may obtain the "A" abstracts for £2 12s. Od. [The yearly membership subscriptions are £3 in the case of the Chemical Society and £2 10s. Od. in the case of the Society of Chemical Industry.]

For the information and assistance of readers it has been thought desirable to set out below the general basis of classification for the two sections. It will be seen that the arrangement now adopted for the abstracts in pure chemistry differs in a number of respects from that previously in vogue. Notably is this the case with analytical papers, the abstracts of which now appear in sub-sections of the main groups "General, Physical, and Inorganic Chemistry,' Organic Chemistry," and "Biochemistry."

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(d) Dilute solutions : (i) Non-electrolytic solutions; (ii) Solutions of electrolytes. Colligative properties; non-colligative properties.

(e) Disperse systems. Preparation and properties of suspensions, emulsions, smokes, foams, sols, gels, jellies. Coagulation, peptisation, ageing, cataphoresis, imbibition, etc.

Kinetic Theory. Thermodynamics.

(a) Equilibrium in homogeneous systems; equilibrium, dissociation, ionisation constants, activity coeffi cients, etc.

(b) Equilibrium in heterogeneous systems : multi-component systems, phase rule.

(c) Thermochemistry.


(a) Electrical conductance.

(b) Transport phenomena.

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(c) Electrode and diffusion potentials; E.M.F., concentration cells, etc.

(d) Polarisation, overvoltage, passivity, etc. (e) Application of electrochemical methods. Reactions.

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Diketones and oxyketones.


Camphor group.


Ethereal oils.

Resins and balsams.

Bitter principles and indifferent substances.

Colouring matters (natural and unclassified artificial). Tannins.

Heterocyclic etc.

Furan group.

Thiophen group (Se).

Bases: N1, N., Ng, etc.


Phosphorus compounds.

As, Sb, Bi, B, Si compounds.

Organo-metallic compounds.





Blood: Gases; constituents; reactions (hæmolysis, antibody formation, etc.).

Organs and their Proximate Constituents: Analytical data

of constituents of organs: pure substances isolated from organs.

Secretions: Milk; lymph, etc.

Excretions: Urine; fæces; other excretions.

Diseases Natural and experimental (in alphabetical order). Metabolism : General; special: intermediary;

substances in the animal body.

fate of

Physiological Action: Variation of physiological conditions ; action of drugs; toxicology.

Enzymes: General; specific; yeast.

Bacteria and Protozoa.



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Abderhalden, E., and Schwab, E., 83.
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Ando, K. See also Osaka, Y.
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Ascherl, A. See Schmidt, E.

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Atkins, W. R. G., and Harvey, H. W.,


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[blocks in formation]

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Bormuth, C. See Schaefer, C.
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[blocks in formation]

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