Global Mindsets: Exploration and Perspectives

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John Kuada
Routledge, 28 thg 4, 2016 - 202 trang

Global Mindsets seeks to tackle a topic that is relatively new in research and practice, and is considered by many to be critical for firms seeking to conduct global business. It argues that multiple mindsets exist (across and within organizations), that they operate in a global context, and that they are dynamic and undergo change and action. Part of the mindset(s) may depend upon place, situation and context where individuals and organizations operate. The book examines the notion of "mindset" is situational and dynamic, especially in a global setting, why it is important for future scholars and managers and how it could be conceptualized.

The book includes conceptual chapters that push the current boundaries of research on the topic and empirical chapters that demonstrate how different organizations in different countries apply mindset perspectives in their management practices. It seeks to help academics, consultants, and researchers understand what has been said and studied about global mindsets in action and gain insights into possible directions and challenges that the field may face in the future.


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1 Mindsets and Global Organizational Strategies
Approaches and Issues
An Exploratory Process Framework
Shifting Perspectives in the 21st Century
From Strategic Choice to Situational Capability
6 Incipiency of Global Mindsets Among Smaller Manufacturing Enterprises
Managers and Their Global Mindsets
A Transition Economy Perspective
9 Mindsets Culture and DanishGhanaian Interfirm Collaborations
10 Creating a Global Mindset in a Danish Multinational Corporation
11 Cultures Consequences for Danish Expatriates Global Mindsets
Opportunities and Challenges
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Giới thiệu về tác giả (2016)

John Kuada is Professor of International Management in the Department of Business and Management at Aalborg University, Denmark.

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