The wars of Frederick the Great

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Longman, 1996 - 371 trang
To concentrate on diplomatic and military interaction is thus to enter the minds of eighteenth-century decision makers themselves, emphasizing what they emphasized, and analyzing what they considered important, 'The wars of Frederick the Great' therefore

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The gifted Frederick the Great is one of the greatest and enigmatic leaders in the World History! His victorious campaigns and wars contributed greatly to his glorious importance! Now, these magnificent campaigns and wars had a highly respected expert, Dennis E. Showalter! Throughout this very brilliant book, Showalter give me very good and useful informations about the terrific "Old Fritz"'s military activities, and skillfully bringing the Frederician warfare to life! This marvelous book is also highly reliable because Showalter wrote about the brilliant Frederick the Great and his nation vary, such as the biography of this military genius in a book by Geoffrey Parker! Frederick the Great is truly a highly talented king and military commander, and his most admirable victory, Rossbach, is so impressive in all of the German world, not only Prussia! As an enthusiatist of Frederick the Great, of course I receive this book joyfully! And, I also enjoy with the fact that the reputiated name of Frederick the Great associaciated with the "Limited War", that contributed greatly to made him a son of the Enilightenment, not the cruel conquests of the dictactor Napoleon! Highly recommanded, with enthusianism for this excellent book!  

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Giới thiệu về tác giả (1996)

Dennis E. Showalter is Professor of History at Colorado College, Colorado Springs.

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