The Complete Investment And Finance Dictionary: The Most Thorough and Updated Reference Available

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Adams Media, 01-07-2001 - 736 trang
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This compact volume (4.75x7) comprises a financial dictionary in which the entries address key topics in finance, accounting, law, economics, estate planning and business, and how they interact and apply to making effective investment decisions. The book contains 5,000-plus definitions, 4,800 cr

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Giới thiệu về tác giả (2001)

Colt Kincaid, who also writes as Howard Bryan Bonham, edited a daily newspaper and then the investment newsletter, Brookmire Investment Reports. Later, it became the Standard & Poor Outlook. He is an award-winning writer, having won Graham-Dodd Awards from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts in two separate years. When the bubble burst on Internet stocks as well as stocks in general in the 1990s, he published his The Complete Investment and Financial Dictionary, and resolved to concentrate on freelance and creative writing. Presently, he lives in Maryland, a few miles from the Chesa-peake Bay. The eastern shore is one of his favorite places and he goes there as often as possible. After a career of writing structured reports on portfolios, companies and industries, he has broken free and is no longer a danger to the investment public. However, he does not rule out tackling investment topics again; for his cowering CFA muse, whose pinstriped suit was taken to the cleaners in the recent financial crash, still hangs around, waiting for his good-as-new duds to be ready.

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