The German Way of War: From the Thirty Years' War to the Third Reich

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University Press of Kansas, 2005 - 428 trang
For Frederick the Great, the prescription for warfare was simple: kurz und vives (short and lively) - wars that relied upon swift, powerful, and decisive military operations. Robert Citino takes us on a dramatic march through Prussian and German military history to show how that primal theme played out time and time again. Citino focuses on operational warfare to demonstrate continuity in German military campaigns from the time of Elector Frederick Wilhelm and his great sleigh-drive against the Swedes to the age of Adolf Hitler and the blitzkrieg to the gates of Moscow. Along the way, he underscores the role played by the Prussian army in elevating a small, vulnerable state to the ranks of the European powers, describes how nineteenth-century victories over Austria and France made the German army the most respected in Europe, and reviews the lessons learned from the trenches of World War I.

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Robert Citino's book is a very good compendium of the art of making war according to the Prussian-Germans, from the 17th century to the 20th. The common thread that links all the wars of the Prussian ... Đọc toàn bộ bài đánh giá

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With enthusianism, I consider this splendid book as one of the greatest works about the military history! It comprises of many brilliant victories of the Germans in their glorious history, under the great soldiers Frederick the Great, Blucher, Moltke....! Highly regards! (2011)

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The Great Elector and the Origins of Prussian War Making I
The Origins of Frederician Warfare
Frederick in the Seven Years War
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Robert M. Citino is professor of history at Eastern Michigan University.

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