The Life and Adventures of Peg Woffington, Tập 1

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Hurst and Blackett, 1884
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Trang 140 - At the late Theatre, in Goodman's Fields, this day, will be performed a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, divided into Two Parts. Tickets at three, two and one shilling. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Fleece Tavern, next the Theatre. NB Between the two parts of the Concert, will be presented, an Historical Play called, The Life and Death of King Richard the Third.
Trang 168 - So boar and sow, when any storm is nigh, Snuff up, and smell it gath'ring in the sky; Boar beckons sow to trot in chestnut groves, And there consummate their unfinish'd loves: Pensive in mud they wallow all alone, And snore and gruntle to each other's moan.
Trang 122 - Garrick described her to me as very fat, with a bosom of more than ordinary protuberance, with swelled cheeks, of a florid red, produced by thick painting, and increased by the liberal use of cordials ; flaring and fantastic in her dress, and affected both in her speech and her general behaviour.
Trang 87 - So far as to be troubled neither with spleen, cholic, nor vapours. I need no salts for my stomach, no hartshorn for my head, nor wash for my complexion ; I can gallop all the morning after the huntinghorn, and all the evening after a fiddle. In short, I can do every thing with my father, but drink and shoot flying, and I am sure I can do everything my mother could, were I put to the trial.
Trang 194 - With very little variation of cadence, and in a deep, full tone, accompanied by a sawing kind of action, which had more of the senate than of the stage in it, he rolled out his heroics with an air of dignified indifference, that seemed to disdain the plaudits that were bestowed upon him.
Trang 89 - Both, sir, both ; I'm related to all the Wilfuls in Europe, and I'm head of the family at present.
Trang 45 - My Lord, my Lord, why you don't see us!' We advanced at a little distance, not a little awkward in expectation how all this would end, for my Lord never stirred his hat or took the least notice of anybody; she said, 'Do you go with us, or are you going anywhere else...
Trang 46 - Orford from the next box, where he was enjoying himself with his petite partie, to help us to mince chickens. We minced seven chickens into a china dish, which Lady Caroline stewed over a lamp with three pats of butter and a flagon of water, stirring, and rattling, and laughing, and we every minute expecting to have the dish fly about our ears.
Trang 150 - I opened my part, I saw our little poetical hero, dressed in black, seated in a side box near the stage ; and viewing me with a serious and earnest attention. His look shot, and thrilled like lightning through my frame ; and I had some hesitation in proceeding, from anxiety and from joy. As RICHARD gradually blazed forth, the house was in a roar of applause, and the conspiring hand of POPE shadowed me with laurels.
Trang 205 - Nay, Sir, a ballad-singer is a higher man, for he does two things; he repeats and he sings: there is both recitation and musick in his performance: the player only recites.

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