The Works of the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift ...

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C. Bathurst, W. Strahan, 1784
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Trang 51 - Take care the bad poets do not out-wit you, as they have served the good ones in every age, whom they have provoked to transmit their names to posterity. Maevius is as well known as Virgil, and Gildon will be as well known as you, if his name gets into your verses : and as to the difference between good and bad fame, 'tis a perfect trifle.
Trang 47 - ... tis a better reason than if the nation expected you. For I really enter as fully as you can 'desire...
Trang 61 - I find no considerable man very angry at the book -, some indeed think it rather too bold, and too general a satire; but none that I hear of...
Trang 101 - I will further tell you, that all my endeavours, from a boy, to distinguish myself, were only for want of a great title and fortune, that I might be used like a Lord by those who have an opinion of my parts — whether right or wrong, it is no great matter, and so the reputation of wit or great learning does the office of a blue ribbon, or of a coach and six horses.
Trang 42 - I hate and detest that animal called man, although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth.
Trang 143 - But even this trick shall not provoke me to print the true one, which indeed is not proper to be seen till I can be seen no more...
Trang 192 - But my age- is not my disability, for I can walk six or seven miles, and ride a dozen. But I am deaf for two months together ; this deafness unqualifies me for all company, except a few friends with counter-tenor voices, whom I can call names, if they do not speak loud enough for my ears.
Trang 32 - Lazinefs ; in defending his own caufe he pleads yours, and becomes your Advocate while he appeals to you as his Judge. You will do the fame on your part ; and I, and the reft of your common Friends...
Trang 70 - But the best way of convincing you of my indulgence, will be, if I live, to visit you in Ireland, and act there as much in my own way as you did here in yours.
Trang 189 - Two or three of them have distinguished themselves in parliament ; and you will own in a very uncommon manner, when I tell you it is by their asserting of independency, and contempt of corruption.

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