The Life and Adventures of Peg Woffington, Tập 1

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Hurst and Blackett, 1885
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Trang 122 - Garrick described her to me as very fat, with a bosom of more than ordinary protuberance, with swelled cheeks, of a florid red, produced by thick painting, and increased by the liberal use of cordials ; flaring and fantastic in her dress, and affected both in her speech and her general behaviour.
Trang 195 - Horatio— heavens, what a transition ! — it seemed as if a whole century had been swept over in the transition of a single scene ; old things were done away and a new order at once brought forward, bright and luminous, and clearly destined to dispel the barbarisms and bigotry of a tasteless age, too long attached to the prejudices of custom, and superstitiously devoted to the illusions of imposing declamation.
Trang 205 - No, Sir: but we respect a great player, as a man who can conceive lofty sentiments, and can express them gracefully." JOHNSON. "What, Sir, a fellow who claps a hump on his back, and a lump on his leg, and cries 'I am Richard the Third'?
Trang 141 - Containing the Distresses of King Henry VI. The artful acquisition of the Crown by King Richard. The murder of young King Edward V. and his Brother in the Tower. The landing of the Earl of Richmond, And the death of King Richard in the memorable battle of Bosworth Field, being the last that was fought between the Houses of York and Lancaster ; with many other true Historical Passages.
Trang 109 - These encomiums warmed me, but did not overset me. I knew where I should have the pull, which was in the third act, and reserved myself accordingly. At this period I threw out all my fire, and as the contrasted passions of joy for the merchant's losses and grief for the elopement of Jessica...
Trang 194 - With very little variation of cadence, and in a deep, full tone, accompanied by a sawing kind of action, which had more of the senate than of the stage in it, he rolled out his heroics with an air of dignified indifference, that seemed to disdain the plaudits that were bestowed upon him.
Trang 45 - My Lord, my Lord, why you don't see us!' We advanced at a little distance, not a little awkward in expectation how all this would end, for my Lord never stirred his hat or took the least notice of anybody; she said, 'Do you go with us, or are you going anywhere else...
Trang 141 - Both of which will be performed Gratis by Persons for their Diversion. The Concert will begin exactly at Six o'clock.
Trang 26 - ... where his venerable figure drew upon us the eyes of the whole room. He had no sooner seated himself at the upper end of the high table, but he called for a clean pipe, a paper of tobacco, a dish of coffee, a wax candle, and the Supplement...
Trang 45 - I had a card from Lady Caroline Petersham to go with her to Vauxhall. I went accordingly to her house, and found her and the little Ashe, or the pollard Ashe, as they call her ; they had just finished their last layer of red, and looked as handsome as crimson could make them.

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