The Works of Voltaire: Ancient and modern history

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Werner, 1904
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Trang 292 - Harrifon then went up to the fpeaker, and obliged him to leave the chair by violence ; Cromwell then turning to the members, " It is you, added he, that have " forced me upon this. I have prayed to the Lord " night and day that he would rather flay me than
Trang 283 - The land cannot be cleansed from blood, but by the blood of him who shed it.
Trang 251 - ... common and imaginary wants of the vulgar of royalty. Whenever he threw himself into the arms of his Parliament, they left him without a feeling of his distress. In one of his speeches he says, " In the last Parliament I laid open the true thoughts of my heart ; but I may say, with our Saviour, ' I have piped to you, and you have not danced ; I have mourned, and you have not lamented.
Trang 62 - French nation. repeat the circumstances attending this execrable tragedy, which are known to all the world, that one half of the nation butchered the other, with a dagger in one hand and a crucifix in the other, while the king himself fired from a window upon the unhappy wretches who were flying for their lives.
Trang 232 - ... in greater circles, but also more slowly than those that are nearer; so that, on a double account, they are longer in performing their revolutions.
Trang 176 - ... heretical alliances abroad, and his ingratitude towards herself. A violent quarrel was the result, which ended in his dismissal from the office of comptroller of her household. On this the king wrote with his own hand the patent which appointed Richelieu prime minister, leaving a blank for the salary to be filled up by the cardinal himself. He was already high admiral, under the title of Superintendent of Navigation. The strong places of the Culvinists were delivered into his hands.
Trang 285 - CHAPTER CLI. OLIVER CROMWELL. AFTER the murder of Charles I. the Commons published a proclamation, forbidding all persons, on pain of death, to acknowledge the late king's son, or any other, as sovereign of England. They likewise abolished the House of Lords, where there were but sixteen peers sitting ; so that, in all appearance, they took into their own hands the sovereignty of England and Ireland. The House of Commons, which should be composed of five hundred and thirteen members, consisted then...
Trang 289 - The oak was still to be seen at the beginning of this century. Astronomers have given it a place among the constellations of the Southern pole, and have thus perpetuated the remembrance of these disasters. This prince, after wandering from village to village, sometimes...

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