The Bee, Or Literary Intelligencer, Tập 14

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James Anderson
Mundell and Son, Parliament Stairs, 1793

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Trang 236 - Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field; let us lodge in the villages. Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine flourish, whether the tender grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth: there will I give thee my loves.
Trang 314 - Pucelle vient pour les occir : elle vient de par le roy du ciel corps pour corps vous bouter hors de France, et vous promet et certifie qu'elle y fera si gros hahay, que...
Trang 178 - ... give, By thee the mourner bears to live! By thee the hopeless die! Oh! ever "friendly to despair," Might Sorrow's pallid votary dare, Without a crime, that remedy implore, Which bids the spirit from its bondage fly, I'd court thy palliative aid no more; No more I'd sue that thou shouldst spread, Thy spell around my aching head, But would conjure thee to impart Thy balsam for a broken heart; And by thy soft Lethean power, ( Inestimable flower) Burst these terrestrial bonds, and other regions try.
Trang x - The entrenchments were opened, and, on the sixteenth, the enemy surrendered. The garrison was allowed to march out with the honours of war, and to be transported with their effects to Louisbourg, at the expense of the king of Great Britain, on condition of not bearing arms for six months. The name of fort Beausejour was now changed to Cumberland.
Trang 316 - and doubt not but thou wilt bring back with thee thy companion ; and tell Talbot, that if he will arm himself, I will do the same, and let him come before the walls of the town, and if he can take me, he may burn me ; and if I discomfit him, let him raise the siege, and return unto his own native country.
Trang 204 - The man's wife, who beheld the dreadful scene, took her two children, and threw them at the feet of the enraged animal, saying, /Since you have slain my husband, take my life also, as well as that of my children.
Trang 317 - God as it seemeth, a great strook upon your peuple that was assembled there in grete nombre, caused in grete partie, as y trowe, of lakke of sadde beleve, and of unlevefulle doubte, that thei hadde of a disciple and lyme of the Feende, called the Pucelle, that used fals enchantments and
Trang 228 - With me in dreadful harmony they join, And weave with bloody hands the tissue of thy line. II. 1 'Weave the warp and weave the woof, The winding-sheet of Edward's race; Give ample room and verge enough The characters of hell to trace...
Trang 268 - ... kingdom ; and by his command I announce to you that you shall be crowned in the city of Rheims, and shall become his lieutenant in the realm of France.
Trang 317 - And alle thing there prospered for you til the tyme of the Siege of Orleans taken in hand, God knoweth by what advis.

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