A History of Prussia

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Routledge, 13 thg 10, 2014 - 336 trang
In little more than two centuries Prussia rose from medieval obscurity and the devastation of the Thirty Years War to become the dominant power of continental Europe. Her rulers rose from Electors to Kings, and from Kings to Emperors. It is a dramatic story, and H. W. Koch fills a major gap in English-language literature with this comprehensive account. It traces the origins and rise of the Prussian state from the thirteenth century to the causes and consequences of its incorporation into the German Empire.

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List of maps and genealogical tables
The Teutonic Order
Brandenburg and Prussia
The Great Elector
From duchy to kingdom
Frederick William I
Frederick the Great
The War of Liberation
Frederick William IV
Prussia and Germany 18601871
Prussia in Germany
The end of Prussia
Genealogical tables Maps

Prussian absolutism in crisis
The Prussian Reform Movement

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