The Battle of Agincourt: Sources and Interpretations

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Boydell Press, 2000 - 474 trang
Accessible collections of primary sources covering the Hundred Years War are still remarkably few and far between, and teachers of the subject will find Curry's volume a valuable addition to their bibliographies and teaching aids.FRENCH HISTORY "Agincourt! Agincourt! Know ye not Agincourt?" So began a ballad of around 1600. Since the event itself [25 October 1415], the great military engagement has occupied a special place in both English andFrench consciousness, respectively as either one of the greatest military successes ever, or as the "accursed day". Much ink has been spilt on the battle but do we really know Agincourt? Not since Harris Nicolas's History of the Battle of Agincourt (1827-33) has there been a full attempt to survey the sources until now: this book brings together, in translation and with commentary, English and French narrative accounts and literary works of the fifteenth century. It also traces the treatment of the battle in sixteenth-century English histories and in the literary representations of, amongst others, Shakespeare and Drayton. After examining how later historians interpreted the battle, it concludes with the first full assessment of the extremely rich administrative records which survive for the armies which fought "upon Saint Crispin's day". ANNE CURRY is Professor of Medieval Historyat the University of Southampton. CONTENTS Twenty-six chronicle sources, English and French Accounts from six sixteenth-century English historians Twenty-one records of contemporary reception of the battle, and the development of the literary tradition, in England and France Summaries of interpretations from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries Excerpts from eighteen administrative records relating to the Englishand French armies

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FifteenthCentury Chronicle Sources
A Chronicles written in England
Thomas Elmham Liber Metricus de Henrico Quinto Metrical
Thomas Walsingham St Albans Chronicle c 142022 Latin
Pseudo Elmham Vita et Gesta Henrici Quinti c 144649 Latin
John Capgrave De Illustribus Henricis c 144653 Latin
The Chronicle of Peter Basset 1459 French
Jean Juvenal des Ursins Histoire de Charles VI roy de France
Enguerran Monstrelet Jean Waurin and Jean Le Févre
Edmond de Dynter Chronique des ducs de Brabant ?early to
Le Héraut Berry the Berry Herald ?1450s French
Chronique de Normandie 1460s French
Chronique dAntonio Morosini ?1430s Italian
C1 The First English Life of Henry the Fifth 1513 English
C6 Raphael Holinshed Holinsheds Chronicles of England Scotland

The London Chronicles later fifteenth century Middle English
Geste des nobles françois ?late 1420s French
Mémoires de Pierre de Fenin ?1430s French
Chronique de Ruisseauville ?1420s1430s French
The Contemporary Reception of the Battle and Development of
2a The Brut 13771437 British Library Harley MS 53 narrative
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