German Shakespeare Studies at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century

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Christa Jansohn
University of Delaware Press, 2006 - 318 trang
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This collection of fifteen essays offers a sample of German Shakespeare studies at the turn of the century. The articles are written by scholars in the old "Bundeslander" and deal with different topics such as culture, memory, and natural sciences in Shakespeare's work, Shakespearean spin-offs as well as with the reception of Venice and Shylock in Germany. The section on the German Shakespeare Society traces another kind of appropriation of Shakespeare in Germany. It discusses the founding of the society in 1864, its situation during the Third Reich, its split in 1963, and its reunification in 1993. This collection of articles (originally written in German) will make available for the first time the significant contributions of German Shakespeare studies to an English-speaking audience. Christa Jansohn is Professor of British Culture and Director of the Centre for British Studies at the University of Bamberg, Germany.

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Nội dung

Recent Shakespeare Studies in Germany
The Battle of Memories in Shakespeares Histories
Cultures of Laughter and the Theater in Early Modern England
Laesa Imaginatio Or Imagination Infected by Passion in Shakespeares Love Tragedies
Lears Animal Kingdom
Structural Skepticism and the Invention of the Other in Early Modern English Literature
What of That? Romeo and Juliet in Hector Berliozs and Leonard Bernsteins Adaptations
The Magic of Other Texts as the Subject of DerPark by Botho StrauB
Shylock on the German Stage in the PostShoah Era
Shylock as a Theatrical Figure as a Human Being and as a Father
Shakespeare and the Founders
An Essay About the Political History of the German Shakespeare Society 19181945
The German ShakespeareGesellschaft During the Cold War
The German ShakespeareGesellschaft and Die Wende

Functions of Venice in Early Modern English Drama
A Pound of Flesh and the Economics of Christian Grace The Merchant of Venice

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