Circuit Sense for Elementary Teachers and Students: Understanding and Building Simple Logic Circuits

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Teacher Ideas Press, 1994 - 64 trang
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Your classroom will be literally buzzing, flashing, and whirring with the exciting activities generated by this handbook! Exploding the myth that teaching electricity and electronic concepts is unmanageable, dangerous, and costly-and that it must be confined to older students-this book offers simple and affordable activities that teach basic electronic building blocks called logic circuits. Students build and embed these logic circuits into a range of toys for their own use and enjoyment. The only materials needed to demonstrate how simple logic circuits work are aluminum foil, flashlight batteries, cardboard, tape, and a tiny lamp called an LED. Grades K-6.

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Houghton is Preschool Coordinator for Exceptional Children and Speech/Language Pathologist.

Houghton is Associate Professor and Director of Technology.

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